Blessed by Friends

The other day I received a phone call from a friend here in Branson.
They wanted to know if wanted to use some antique furniture that they had sitting in their storage unit.
Is all we could say today when it arrived.
This is our little apartment in the middle of rearranging
Top Left ~ Living Room Outside wall (had two chairs and table there)
Top Right ~ Wall backed to the Garage of Dining Room
Middle Row ~ 1.  Corner in Dining Room  2.  Dining Room wall bordering our bedroom
3.  looking from kitchen towards the dining room
Bottom Row ~ Standing in Living Room looking into Kitchen and Looking from Kitchen into Living Room
Then we rearranged
and rearranged some more 🙂
Top Row ~ 1.  Looking towards outside wall of living room from kitchen
(you can see the corner of new coffee table and end table between the two rockers)
2.  Looking from Living room into Sun room towards deck
(matching end table in front of sliding glass door with Christmas tree, 
opposite that wall is another end table and two chairs facing the outside deck.
Middle Row ~ 1.  Moved Wine cabinet to corner in Dining Room
2.  New cabinet ~ has two drawers and two cupboards
(you can see into our bedroom from the dining room ~~ 
reason enough to make the bed every single day 🙂 )
3. & 4. Different views of the cabinet and dining room
Bottom Row ~  Cabinet put into spare bedroom, 
used to have a coffee table in the same spot.  
Opposite wall from sliding glass door in Sun Room.
Hubby said he can’t wait to see our friend and tell him
“he hopes he enjoys all the work he caused for Ron today ;)”
I say a big THANK YOU for the use of these wonderful pieces of furniture 
Sweet Friends.
We promise to take good care of them.
Oh, and we moved a cabinet into the bathroom 
and the little nightstand that had been in the bathroom
into our bedroom 🙂
What do you think of the changes?

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