Pierce Arrow Show

Monday evening found us attending the
Pierce Arrow Show.
We had heard it was a great show but just hadn’t seen it.
Jw & Wanda invited us to go
and never one to turn down a free show off we went.
The comedian is hilarious!!
Gotta watch out for that bag…had a baby rattler and another snake in there!
Pierce Arrow
The bass singer holds the Guiness World Book record
for lowest octave.  

 The Preacher
Boy could he share the whole gospel in 15 minutes!!!

 Loved this picture with the cross in it.

 Always nice to see Elvis
 The Band

 Doing a spoof on Duck Dynasty (they have nothing to worry about)

Paying tribute to our Veterans

Ron loves this jacket.  Now to see if I can find one like it.
It was a great show.
Thanks Jw & Wanda for treating us!!
So thankful for friends near and far.

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