Opposite of Peace is Anxiety
And I woke this morning with lots of anxiety.
Ron is flying home today from Portland, OR
after five days of fun with our son Brandon & his family.
Brandon, Danalyn, Max, Christopher, Treyson & Alexander
Kansas City, Summer 2013
Flying always scares me.  
It. Just. Does.
I set my alarm for 6 a.m.
I am determined to get on a manageable schedule
doing the things I need to do and want to do.
No one can do it for me.
IT ~ physical health, spiritual health, mind health
I was reminded yesterday that we reap what we sow.
How we have to plant good things to grow good things.
I attended Barbara Fairchild & Roy Morris’ worship service yesterday morning.
Oh how God met me there.
I had a pretty rough week in some ways
and was feeling torn in a couple of relationships,
feeling like I am doing something wrong
because the “FEELINGS” weren’t there that I thought should be.
(Remember: feelings are neither right or wrong ~ they just are!)
Telling myself that ~ a lot!
I was reminded yesterday
laughter is good for the soul!
and that it is okay to laugh in church!!
And that we 
Reap what we Sow
If we plant Honesty we gain Trust
If we plant Forgiveness we gain Reconciliation
If we plant Love we will Be a Blessing
Oh how I want to be a blessing to others.
And then this morning
So first I had to find out what propitiation meant.
Normally I would call Pastor Charles but I didn’t think he
would like a phone call at 5 a.m. 🙂
So I checked on line
and this what I found
Propitiation: an action meant to regain someone’s favor
or make up for something you did wrong
Jesus did nothing wrong 
yet He gave His life for me.
Jesus died for me, for my wrong doings.
He didn’t have to do that but He did!!
He chose to give His life for me.
How awesome is that???
And I thought back over the past week.
I walked out of a meeting because I got angry.
What would Jesus have done?
I think he would have stayed and talked it out,
try to reconcile the differences.
I know I was wrong to just leave
and God has been dealing with me
each and every day.
And yesterday I was reminded
that God gives me a choice every day
to live like him or go against him.
Psalm 118:5-9
It is not what or how others treat me or feel about me 
that is important
but that Jesus loves me for me
and is always there/here for me.
I need to remember to 
NOT People
It is God’s approval not man or woman’s
that should be important to me.
I have always sought people out 
to love me, like me,
try to be the perfect daughter,
wife, mother, sister & friend
(which I am definitely not perfect)
seeking others approval
and I need to remember that
what really only matters is that 
I love God,
live my life for God
and Trust in Him
and that NO matter what happens in life
I will always be okay,
I will always be loved
by the One that matters.
Help me not to focus on
In Jesus I have Peace,
that people don’t bring me peace
JESUS does!!!
Out in the world
there is chaos and hurt
in Jesus’ arms
I have peace.
Thank you Lord for the reminders yesterday 
and again this morning
that You are always with me.
That you know my needs and desires
and through it all
I am never truly alone
as You walk beside me day by day.
Lord I turn Ron over to you today
as he flies home.  
Be with the pilots as they wing through the air
bringing my sweet hubby home to me.
Give Ron a relaxing day
and thank you that he was allowed 
the time to be with Brandon and his family
for a few days.
And for encouraging me as I struggled
through some tough situations.  Amen.

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