A Day of Playing

A couple of Thursdays ago we decided to go for a drive.
Our Driver
The Navigator
And Passenger ~ Liberty, granddaughter of one of our guests
spending the day with us while Grandma, Grandpa and Momma are all working 🙂
We headed out of Branson and traveled to
Mountain Home, AR
It was a gorgeous day for a drive.
And then it was lunch time!
In the town square of Mountain Home we found this cute little restaurant.
 The staff was very friendly and the food was delicious.
 Miss Liberty and her Princess Bear
 Papa Ron (as Liberty calls Ron) 
trying to figure out how he is going to bite into this big burger.
 Reuben sandwich w/coleslaw for Grammy.
Ron saw the sign for Vinegar Pie and decided he needed to try it.
It was pretty tasty, like pecan pie without the pecans.
 Liberty finishing off Grammy’s double pumpkin pie.
 And heading out the door saying good-bye.
Leaving the Town Square
 Driving Along towards Mountain View, AR
 Norfolk Veterans Memorial

While waiting at a light in Calico Rock we saw this sign.


 Continuing on to Mountain View.  The leaves are just starting to change colors.

 Papa Ron is taking a long time to get there.
 Checking out the Mellon Country Store
Playing checkers with Papa Ron
 Ali is thinking this is the sign that needs to be posted at Branson View Campground
How many know what this is?



 Heading to Harrison, AR
and then back to Branson View Campground.
 Saw this huge flag through the trees.

It was a fun day
and we can’t wait to go for another drive.
Papa Ron said next time it won’t be for such a long ridge.
And Liberty thought that was a great idea.
Today I am thankful for the opportunities to spend time with my hubby 
new adopted granddaughter…she is sure fun to be around.

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