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Sweet Visit with a Friend & Grand Country Radio Show

We love it when a friend or two drops by
and the other day, 
our friend Norma
stopped by for a visit.
 And of course Ron has to play with the camera when it is in his hand.
That’s his finger in the picture below.
 I, Ali, met Norma when I first went to Forever Friends.
She is one of Barbara Fairchild’s right hand woman…and she loves the Lord
and loves to share Jesus with others.  
She has been such an encourager to me since we have been in Branson.
On October 4th we went to the Grand Country for the
Branson Radio Show.  It is one hour show every Friday evening.
It airs on the radio on Saturday nights and then on TV on Sunday evenings.
Mel Tillis was supposed to be there that night but after doing a show at Clay Cooper Theater in the afternoon and then another show with his daughter, Pam, at RFD Theater,
he was exhausted and so didn’t make it to the show 😦
But not to be disappointed,
Jim Dandy (aka Jamie Hagee) and Mike Patrick 
led a great team of musicians.
 They are wearing PINK for the month of October for 
Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
 Mike Patrick introducing the Grand Band!
 New South singing one of many gospel songs.
 David & Mark
 Rob (drummer) Jackie Brown (vocalist) Matt Henshaw (bass player and Jackie’s hubby)
 Jamie Hagee – one talented man.  Here he is getting ready to sing and play the piano.
 Jackie and Melody Hart (fiddler and wife of Wayne Massengale, fiddler)
 Terry, the string guitarist for Mel Tillis
 Mike Patrick & Larry Allred 
(you can also catch Larry at Gilley’s Cafe on Saturday afternoons)
 One talented man.  He has been with Mel Tillis for over 30 years.
 Mike Patrick, Larry Allred, Jamie Hagee, Rod in the background w/Matt
Wayne Massengale and Melody Hart
(they have both been named Fiddler of the Year quite a few times)
It was a fun evening even though Mel was not able to be there.
Don’t you just love all the pink to support
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Saturday night found us at Gilley’s Cafe
enjoying the music of Dean (can’t remember his last name but he has been a part of Mickey Gilley’s band for over 20 years) and Larry Allred.

It is so fun to be in an intimate setting where the performers
know you by name 🙂
Larry and Dean do the old classic country tunes.

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