First Hike in Who Knows How Many Years

Waterfalls Trail
Since living in Branson we have seen a sign 
“Waterfalls Trail” 
and have mentioned we should go there sometime.
Well sometime arrived on Sunday, September 29th.
We had slept in and it was too late to go to church
so we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go for a hike.
The hike itself is just over a half mile in to the falls.
It was beautiful.
 The driveway in the middle right picture leads into a resort.  
The Trail Head is just to the left of the flowers.  They have it planted with
lots of pretty fall colors.
 It has rained the day before so the ground was slippery in some places.
I found out my tennis shoe has a little hole in it 🙂
The bottom right picture is me getting ready to cross the first creek to get to the other side.
 As we were walking, Ron called my attention to something floating
in the creek.  Yep a snake…we think it was either a rattler or copperhead.  
I was glad it was dead because I really liked looking at the
coloring and markings.  It really was quite pretty, well for a snake.
 This is all on the way to the waterfalls.  
It was so peaceful and enjoyable just being out in nature.
We met up with another couple on their way out and asked them to take our picture.
We don’t often get our picture taken together unless we are playing with the camera.
 Continuing on our hike.
Ron thought the boulder needed to be held up.  
 Not many flowers out but we loved these little purple puffy ones and
the white/lavender ones.  So delicate and pretty.
 And the Falls.
They were beautiful.  The water was so clear and cold.
Ron walked over to the other side of the falls and found a sign
“No Climbing on the Rocks”
ummm…it was a little late for that 🙂
Don’t know if you will be able to hear the babbling creek.
It was so peaceful.

I told Ron I would love to take a lawn chair along with
a picnic lunch and my journal and just
sit out there and enjoy it.
Maybe one day.
 We spent about 20 minutes up by the falls, 
took some more pictures of us…so fun
and so amazingly beautiful. 
God’s handiwork at its finest.
And then we made our way back to the start of the trail.
The medallion is a trail marker.  We saw about six of them, 
all on the way back 🙂
The rocks in the bottom left picture were very interesting,
almost like two people staring at each other.
Oh and we saw another sign that said
“No Climbing on the Rocks”
this time on the way out 🙂
And the Waterfalls.
Aren’t they gorgeous!!!
The water was so clear and the water looked quite deep.
Ron said let’s go swimming
…ummmm no, just above and to the right 
are some condos with a clear view of the falls 🙂

Another self-portrait.  
Not the best, but it tells the story 
that we were having fun!!!

Ron took this picture of me.
I have been asked if my hair was cut short,
nope, just pulled back.
I must say this picture is one I 
definitely like.
When I look at it I see peace and joy
and that is definitely a part of my life every day now.

Hope you enjoyed our hike.
We sure did.
It took us just under two hours to hike in 
and out, just over a mile total
I look forward to going on a hike
sometime soon.

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