What Happened to the Past Week?

Well let me tell you…
We have been busy working on the apartment…here is a snippet
of some before and after shots.
We are enjoying being in the apartment…
…but the issue is that one of us is always getting lost.
Then early Tuesday morning (8/27) I, Ali, woke up with horrific chest pains…remember the GERD attacks I thought I was having…well it turns out I was in the middle of having a mild heart attack.  
Ron rushed me to the ER and a dose of nitro under the tongue, a nitro patch and something in the IV and almost immediately the pain was gone…which led to two nights at Cox-Branson.  Lots of blood tests, a chest x-ray, a stress test that I thought I passed ~ I did walk the required amount of time and only felt like I was close to dying ~ but NO, I flunked it…royally!  So that meant discussions with the cardiologist and primary doctor, prayers of many and the decision was made to have an angiogram early Wednesday morning…all the main arteries/veins that could be scoped were scoped and all are clean, clear and healthy BUT there was one little one that could not be scoped that was blocked…explains all the pain.  
I told the doctor if that was a mild heart attack I do not want to know what a major one is like.
I came home from the hospital late Wednesday afternoon with directive to stay pretty quiet and get lots of rest for 4 to 5 days…well I made it to three and then promptly over did it on Saturday and Sunday…we did have a potluck going on here you know AND it was Labor Day Weekend and we had 24 sites filled which meant come Monday morning I found myself in bed, not going anywhere…I finally woke up around 4 p.m. and got up for a couple of hours.  Enjoyed a delightful dinner of brats, applesauce and macaroni salad that my sweet hubby, Ron made.  He does take good care of me.
Today has been mostly a day of rest…under orders from the boss man to “take it easy”…I worked maybe a total of 4 hours over a 8 hour period and took a two hour nap.  We were then blessed with a delicious steak, baked potato, salad and corn on the cob dinner by one of the guests here in the campground.  And another guest is cleaning the bathrooms for us tonight…as I have been reminded over and over in the past week we are truly loved and blessed.
Oh, and thru it all my phone decided to go swimming in a yellow lake, rested in a bed of rice for 3 days but still decided to go to a perpetual resting place…yes, I had to get a new phone…so IF you are reading this and I have not called you on the phone, it means I probably don’t have your phone number anymore 😦  so if you would be so kind to call my cell (same 360 #) or send me a text and tell me who you are I will have your numbers again.  Thanks a bunch.
I hope to get another blog post written tomorrow or Thursday 
but first it is time for me to go to bed and rest some more.  
Check back soon to see what is going on.

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