Wow…it’s Friday already!!!

Wow it’s Friday already. 
I knew that when I woke up but when I saw Donna B. McNicol’s post 
I thought how can it be Friday already???
Where has the time gone? 
So this past week
1.  Have enjoyed making time to write each morning.  
You can check out Alice’s Restaurant – Dishin’ Up Food for Thought to see what thoughts have been going through my mind and how God has been talking to me.  I am amazed at how much better my day’s go when I have time with the Lord first thing in the mornings. 
2.  Made my first ever fresh pasta salad!!!
We love pasta salads and I buy them quite often from the deli at Country Mart (similar to Haggens for our Pacific NW friends/family) but have never made one.  Well this week I did.  It was delicious.  I had spaghetti broken into 2″ pieces, sliced olives, sauteed onions, red, green, yellow peppers, garlic and Salad Seasoning by Johnnie’s all tossed together with Lite Italian salad dressing.  And it was even better the 2nd day.  Definitely something I will be making again and soon.  Also going to try it with quinoa.
3.  Stayed in my jammies all day Thursday!
Yep, I did…slept till 10 a.m and had a true day of rest/sabbath reading, crocheting, talking with my hubby, doing some writing, and just being.  That is a hard thing for me as many of you know..just to be.
4.  Wrestled all day on Thursday that my baby is now 36 years old.  
How can that be.  Wasn’t it just a week ago we brought that little 4 lb 7 oz baby boy, dressed in Cabbage Patch doll clothes home from the hospital.  Or did he go off to kindergarten just a few days ago?  No really, he was playing soccer and challenging Mr. Steelquist on the soccer field.  Nah…he just joined the Army and then went to Iraq for a year.  But really he is a hubby to sweet Suzanne and daddy to Opal Rae.  A hard worker and home owner providing for his family the best he can.  Where oh where did that baby go?  Hard to believe he is 36 now!!!  Happy Birthday Jamie!!!  We love you and wish you the best year yet!!!
5.  Enjoyed a great rib dinner with new friends.
Feeling God’s blessings over and over as we work here at Branson View Campground.  Was invited to dinner with a God loving couple who is staying in the campground.  Being able to share a delicious dinner and great conversation with a sweet couple…sharing how the Lord has worked in our lives over the years.  Definitely a blessing!!
So that’s my week…how was yours?

One response to “Wow…it’s Friday already!!!”

  1. How was our week? Bored so went to check out some RV's and saying NO WAY ARE WE BUYING A NEW ONE. We take possession on Thursday.

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