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God Meets Me Right Where I Am

I say it often “I am always amazed how God meets me right where I am.”  Not sure why I am amazed as He has never failed me, not once. 
 This morning was no different.
I woke with a headache, was going to get up at 5 a.m. to go and exercise…could hardly move my head hurt so bad, reset the alarm for 6 a.m., woke feeling like my head weighed a ton, got up took some Ibuprofen and made my way back to bed, reset the alarm for 7 a.m.  it went off and I just rolled over…woke up at 7:55, still had a headache but at least I could get up and move.  It was raining so decided we would skip the Farmers Market this morning…will go next Friday 🙂
I struggle with many things…one is finding making time for the Lord.  My heart is in the right space but not always my actions.  This morning, not feeling well I picked up my Bible and my devotional book and this was the verse and it made me think of something else I struggle with – drinking water…water is boring, doesn’t taste good YET when I drink water I find I want more water and that’s how I am with the Word…when I go to the Word I want more of the Word.  I NEED the Word in my life just like I need water in my body…I have drank 1 bottle of water already today (it’s just now 1 p.m.) and have started on the second bottle…my goal is to drink 3 bottles of water each day.  So as I think on this verse and God’s Word and needing it every day I am also thanking the Lord for letting me see the correlation of imbibing on God’s Word  ~ the Living Water and drinking water to fuel my body.
Yesterday was our son, Jamie’s 36th birthday.  This week each year is filled with tears of joy as we reflect on Jamie’s life and how proud of the young man he has become.  He is a great son, maturing into a wonderful hubby to Suzanne and daddy to Opal.  He has a  great heart and works hard to support his little family, spending time with family and friends whenever he can.  We are so proud of him and so glad he is a part of our family and our son!!  
Happy Birthday Jamie!!!  
Even though I just don’t understand how he can be 36…it was just a few days ago he began kindergarten…just can’t figure out how he can be 36?????
And also tears of sadness as we remember Royce, our baby who lived three days.  Royce is Jamie’s twin so we have always tried to spend August 8th celebrating Jamie.  We never have wanted Jamie to feel bad that he lived and Royce died…we may not understand why Royce didn’t live (yes we know the medical reasons) we do go forward.  For some reason the past few days both Ron and I have been thinking a lot of what would life have looked like if Royce had lived.  Would he be married, would he too be a daddy?  Would he be married?  What would he have enjoyed doing?
And then this morning, my scripture reading was John 14:1-11 (this was shared by Pastor Adrian at Royce’s funeral) and verse 2 jumped out at me:
and my heart was warmed to know that when Royce left us here on earth he was warmly welcomed by Jesus into heaven.  Today I imagine Royce being surrounded by both sets of his grandparents, Peggy & Ted and Pete & Anne and many other family members and friends who are no longer here with us.  I picture my friend, Lori who passed away in 1997…she was such a great mom, grandma and friend and I can see her cuddling Royce and though my heart aches for my loss I am so thankful that Royce is totally healed in God’s presence and for that I can rejoice.
And then the Bible verse for today at biblegateway.com 
Luke 12:6-7
and I am reminded that 
God Cares for Me
just the way I am 
with the joys and sadness 
with my headache still in full attack
and even though today I am not feeling well,
feeling overwhelmed, feeling like I can’t get caught up on things
I think I will take some more ibuprofen, drink another bottle of water and get back to plugging along.
Hope each of you are having a great day!!!
I’ve shared about me today so you can pray ~ is there anything I can pray about for  you?

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  1. Nice post.Prayer request? I have one. My two daughters (ages 45 and 47) have not spoken for more than 4 years. Both so stubborn. This is our daily prayer – reconciliation.

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