God Nudges from others

Wednesday and Thursday are our days off.  
Yesterday we slept till 11:55…at least we got up in the morning 🙂
This morning I slept till 10:05 and woke up without a headach
e, which is a good thing because yesterday after dinner I got to feeling very puny…head was pounding, felt dizzy and just plain yuck..
…today just the opposite…woke without a headache and feeling rested.
On Wednesday and Thursday’s it is hard for me to have time with the Lord…I like to be by myself, in the quiet and that is usually just not the case.  So yesterday I had no “quality” time with the Lord.  This morning when I got up, Ron was reading stuff on Facebook and it was quiet.  I started reading a few things and God quietly nudged me…
…first from a devotional I get every morning, 
written by Christy Fitzwater.  You can check her out by clicking on her name.
This morning her devotion was titled “God Loves the Blubbering Woman”.
I was so challenged by her questions/statement of when asked by someone “what’s wrong” and we reply “nothing”…yep, I so do that.  And that we sometimes do that to God.
So true!!
And so wrong…obviously something is wrong or we, no I would not be responding that way.
As Ron says to me often…you are talking to me in that TONE, even when I haven’t said anything but am giving him the look!
And I realized that in my desire to be authentic I need to be honest to God, to myself and to others…when someone asks “what’s wrong?”  I need to reply honestly.  And most of all I need to take to God the things that bother me, hurt me or anger me just like I do when I take the things that make me happy and joyful.  And I need to remember no matter the situation/circumstance I find myself in, I need to remember
God continues to speak and I am trying to continue to listen ~~~ a few weeks ago, my bestie, Dee send me an email to join Daily Challenge.   Dee and I are sisters, friend, confidant, bestie’s and we are always trying to encourage one another in life.  We enjoy our friendship, have husbands who are very similar, share similar struggles at times..we are the best of friends.  Any way, doing the Daily Challenge is something we can do together even being far apart mileage wise (and I sure do miss her). 
Back to writing…this morning’s challenge was

Keep up your strength by spending 15 minutes practicing your favorite form of stress relief.

  and this is how I responded:
I can’t say stress relief for me is fun…but this does work for me…

…going for a walk. Here at Branson View Campground going for a walk is not an easy task as we are all hills…it is up or down no matter where you head. This is good as it keeps my mind off what is really bothering me and gives me something else to focus on.

…writing a “venting” email to my bestie, Dee…she understands me and can identify with me 99% of the time…the living in a RV not so much…though I think secretly she would love to escape sometimes and an RV is a perfect getaway vehicle as it has everything you need to live…toilet, fridge and most of all the bed!!!

…eating chocolate…if I did that for 15 minutes straight I am sure the 20 lbs I have lost (over 2 years) would be back in a heartbeat…as I just wrote that I think I need to start focusing on losing weight with my current weight as the new weight and get some of this extra stuff off of me…with a refocused mind and attitude.

…and sometimes I just lose it with my hubby and get all snarky and grumpy…he usually says “I think you need something to eat” you see I am diabetic and getting snarky is usually a sign that my blood sugar is not in a good space.

…and most often I say a prayer or cry out to God…I can’t take it anymore…turn on some music and refocus my heart and mind.

and I felt the Lord challenging me in how I respond to stressful situations, because right now I feel quite a bit of stress about a situation and I know I need to change how I am dealing with or in this case not dealing with the situation.  Because just venting and being snarky is not working.  I remember Marla (a great friend and Christian counselor) asking me if something I was doing was working for me…no it wasn’t…and that question came to mind this morning too…is being snarky and venting working in this situation…ummm no…so what can I do differently (another one of Marla’s favorite questions) and I found God asking “do you want to talk about IT?”  ummm no I just want the situation to fix itself.  “Oh so you want the person involved to be a mind reader and just do what you want him to do and you haven’t bothered to tell him?”  ummm yes….”Don’t you remember writing about “people aren’t mind readers just a few days ago?”  ummm yes…”So what are you going to do about this situation?”
and realizing I need to deal with this situation sooner than later…
….so I prayed about it, wrote out what the issue is and wrote out a plan of attack and will continue to pray for my attitude to filled with grace and love as I actively deal with this situation.
Thank you Lord for using others to speak to me, 
help me today as I work constructively on this situation
and most of all find JOY in my day today.



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