Five Fact Friday

Got this idea from blog writer/author Donna B. McNicol just am not sure how to link back to her post.

I am thinking this is a good way for me to write, at least for today.

Five Friday Facts about this past week ~ 

1.  We went to the Ozark Empire Fair yesterday.  
It was a nice day to be out walking and looking around. 
 We were disappointed as we are used to big fairs like the Puyallup Fair and Lynden Fair (both held in Washington state).  
We spent quite a bit of time wandering around the mid-way and of course comparing it to Funtastic Shows.  We liked their shirts and the garbage cans ~ they had clown faces on top and their mouths opened wide ready to receive the garbage.  
Animals…not very many, vendors…not very many…Pig Races…fun to watch, Ax Women of Maine was quite fun to watch…chopping, cutting, running the logs…all with big smiles on their faces.

2.  Most of the painting is finished in the apartment.  
Waiting for the carpet cleaners to come out and do their magic.  No painting this week…will work on it again next week.

3.  Feeling overwhelmed – self explanatory.

4.  Ron had a slight accident with the John Deer gator…backed into a van…broke the tail light and dented the hatch door :(.

5.  Still loving the Lord and focusing today on the 
Joy of the Lord!!

One response to “Five Fact Friday”

  1. What a great idea. I've often thought of writing down one good thing I was thankful for that happened that day. I get started and then forget as the days pass.

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