Monday Morning Musings

Can’t believe it is Monday once again.  
Life just seems to be speeding by. 
Had a fun weekend celebrating Ron’s birthday.
Had friends stop by the campground 
and enjoy coffee and donuts to begin the day.
Had a great visit with Darrell & Patty 
brainstorming about ideas for the campground.
Enjoyed dinner and seeing Barbara Fairchild & Roy Morris’ show at Golden Corral and visiting with them for a little while afterwards.

Sunday found us helping guests a few times 
and painting the apartment.  
We cranked up some great Southern Gospel music and painted, painted and painted some more.
All the walls are done and trim work in the bedroom is finished.  Today and tomorrow will be more painting of trim work.  It is coming together and I can’t wait to show it all off.

God is so funny 
and I am always amazed how he meets me right where I am.
This morning was no different.  
This is what He shared with me as I was contemplating my day:
Yesterday as we painted and sang along with the radio,
I thought about how singing just made the work go faster.
Not sure what radio station we were listening to 
but it was playing some of the old great hymns:
Standing on the Promises of God

The Old Rugged Cross
Power in the Blood
Jesus Loves Me
…that one made me cry
as I thought of just how much God loves me.

I was sharing with someone earlier in the week about our boys and how we always celebrated Jamie’s birthday on August 8th – cause that is the day he was born and we always wanted it to be a happy day.

And that on August 11th we remembered our baby, Jamie’s twin, 
Royce Alan
on the day he went home to be with Jesus

and that on August 11, 2009
32 years later
God orchestrated the date 
Max legally became Brandon’s son, and our grandson.

We shared so many happy tears that day.  
It was like God took a day that had always been hard for us 
(and in some ways it still is as we will never forget Royce 
as we wonder what life would have been like if he was still with us here on earth) and made it extra special by adding our first grandson officially into our lives.  

And then this morning God’s word was
and how as we have worked on the apartment
God’s love has 
been proved over and over
with the love of friends and family
with words of encouragement,
notes on Facebook,
and helping us paint.

And we look forward with anticipation
to have visitors in our home.
We love to entertain
and even though we have done some entertaining 
while living in the rig
it is not always easy to do
so watch out Branson peeps
be ready to have some fun times at the 
Wandering Workentins
stationary home!!!

Thank you Jesus for helping us to build 
our home on solid rock, with your love
and for encouraging me each and every day.

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