Loving the Lord, Serving Him Wherever He Plants Us!

Tuesday’s Thoughts

It’s looking a little
outside this morning.  
Kind of like how I felt yesterday…foggy mind and exhausted body.
As you know, yesterday I was exhausted, wiped out, tired
but this morning I woke feeling
I turned off the alarms last night and slept like a 
I woke up about 12:30 feeling like I had slept for hours and then again briefly just before 5 and rolled over both times and fell right back to sleep.  Woke up at 7:03 this morning, feeling ready to face the day.
So thankful to God for answered prayer of a good night’s rest!
As I began my time with the Lord this morning I asked him to encourage me today.
And He did just that…
First in 
I was encouraged as I realized I can plan my day, my week, my life BUT
God is the one that directs my path.  God knows we have much to do around the campground, around the apartment, marketing that needs to be done YET he slowed me down yesterday because He knew I needed some down time, time to recharge my batteries, time to breathe and set my priorities.
And then
God will give me everything I need.  
He promises to provide for me in my whole life, not just a part of it.
He has never failed me yet.  
Yesterday I needed to rest and regroup.  
And that is what I did…had a very easy dinner – polish sausage sandwiches & watermelon…it would have been so easy to say “let’s go out to eat” where I would have over eaten and spent money we really don’t have and been more tired from being out and about.  Instead we walked to the rig just after 5 p.m.  had a great big slice of 
and then made polish sausage sandwiches on cheese/onion rolls.  
Easy and delicious and very filling.
Spent a little bit of the evening on the computer and watched Glades with the hubs.
A very relaxing evening, made perfect as God guided me in thoughts of what to make for dinner and a quiet evening with my hubby…we didn’t even talk about work!!
Slept well last night,
enjoyed my time with the Lord this morning,
feel ready to face the day
and changed some of my plans for today to not be so busy:
Today I will 
work in the campground office for a little bit,
then clean the Lower Level Bathroms
and the Cabin.
Take a deep breathe, make some lunch, figure out what is for dinner
pay some bills and straighten up the rig.
One observation I have made over the years…when the rig or house is messy I feel flustered 
and even get a little snarky with people (sorry Ron) so to make me feel better I do a little 
or in this case some
cleaning in the rig 🙂
Hope each of you have a great day!

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