Speaking before Thinking!!

Yesterday I posted at Branson View Campground on Facebook that it was Friday.  Well sweet Froggy Mommy informed me it was really Thursday!!!  That’s why this picture jumped out at me..so surprised I get to do Friday over!!!  Now how cool is that???
My time with the Lord this morning was found in
Isaiah 53
And this is what jumped out at me:
but this really jumped out at me
Yet, He opened not his mouth
So, he opened not his mouth
you know like this:
My paraphrase:
Isaiah 53:4-12
4.  He bore my grief, carried my sorrows
5.  He was wounded by my transgressions, bruised for my iniquities.
By HIS stripes I am healed
6.  Like sheep I have gone astray
7.  Yet, He opened not his mouth
He was oppressed and afflicted
He was lamb as a lamb to slaughter
So, He opened not His mouth
8.  He was cut off from the land of the living
9b.  Nor was any deceit in his mouth
 11.  He bore my iniquities
12.  He bore all my sin
And made intercession for me.
The Spirit of God uses the Word of the Lord to change our hearts!
And then in 
And this thought came to mind
And then I was reminded that if I really want things to be different then I need to ASK God to walk beside me each day, to show me His ways and to impart His wisdom to show me what I need to do.

God is so good to meet me right where I am each morning, each moment of the day!!!

In so many ways this morning I was reminded to 
So in reality I am changing my schedule once again.  
Beginning tomorrow, because today has already begun…
Getting up at 
and then

and then going to work!!!
all by
Check in tomorrow and see how the morning goes!!!
How is your schedule going?
Are you getting done each day what you want/need to do?
What tricks do you use to get things done in a timely manner?

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