Saturday’s Thoughts

My view this morning…so beautiful and peaceful and what a great place to spend time with my Lord Jesus Christ.

This verse reminds me that God calls me to be 



Say What I Mean

Let my YES be YES and my NO be NO

in every area of my life

~ spending time with the Lord each day

~ in eating healthy

~ in getting physical exercise

~ following through on things I commit to.
And then 
Psalm 51: 1-4
In the devotion that went with this scripture it stated 
“Divine pardon feels like a thorough cleansing in a warm and wonderful bubble bath.

And those who know me, know I love to step into

and know I can stay in there for a long, long time.

And then I pictured a little girl, Ali sitting in the bathtub and my Abba Father cleaning me, scrubbing me and washing away all the dirt and grime and making me all clean again.  And I realized He does that each and every day that I go to him, confess my sins and seek his forgiveness.

Thank you Jesus for loving me, cleansing me and giving me a new day to start over with you!!

Have a great day!!!

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