Little Snippets from the Lord

Good morning on this beautiful sunny day here in Branson.
Woke feeling super rested after a busy, busy day yesterday to the sound of birds singing in the trees…what a sweet sound that we hadn’t heard in awhile.
Yesterday was busy, busy, busy!!!  Was on the run from 7:00 a.m. and didn’t stop till it was time to sit and watch the fireworks over Chateau on the Lake.  So fun to spend time with our friends, Mike & Elaine while watching some amazing fireworks.
Lots of little snippets from the Lord this morning!
James 4:6
If we are to be proud of anything it should be of the love of Jesus that he so freely gives us!!  I kept thinking as I was reading, Lord help me to be humble and thankful for all the many blessings you give us and to shout loudly about your love for me!!

James 4:7
One thing I have noticed is that the more time I spend with the Lord, listening to praise music and focusing on the many blessings of the Lord the more time I want to do those very things.  Just like drinking water…the more water I drink the more I want to drink.  Both of which are really good for me!

James 4:10
 goes well with

And then I am reminded in 
James 4:11-12
That I need to be careful not to judge others as I don’t want to be judged by anyone.  I heard some comments that have been said of me and they stung and was reminded that I too need to not make comments/judge others…that that is not my place but God’s place.  
And then I remembered what
And then in James 4:13-14
Which goes along with 
And ends with
All good things to ponder today!!

What are you pondering about today?

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