Ooops..How Could I Forget?

How could I forget to announce it here …
We are heading back to Branson 
and Branson View Campground
Branson View Campground has new owners: Darrell & Patty
and have asked us to come back and be the on-site managers!!!
We are so excited and looking forward to a fun and busy rest of the summer.
Call now and make your reservations at (360) 255-1653.
Hope to see many of you down the road.
Feel free to check out Branson View Campground blog or our Facebook Page.
FYI the 25th person to follow the Branson View Campground Blog and the 100th person to like our Facebook Page will get a surprise!!!  So follow our blog and like our page, share with your friends and let’s see who gets the surprises.  Will announce the winners on Facebook and the Blog.  
Ron is finishing up his work at Amazon on Tuesday, July 2nd and we will go to Joplin, MO that night 
and then on to Branson on Wednesday, July 3r for our REOPENING on Thursday, July 4th!!
Hope to see you down the road.

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