Cleaning Up the Mess ~ Originally Published May 12, 2013

Do you remember this
Joplin to Coffeyville12
from our drive from Joplin, MO to Coffeyville, KS?
(if not you can read about it here)
Well one day last week we decided it was time to check those totes that had taken their own little adventure
and this is what we found:
This is Tote #1.  The lid came off and is now cracked and broken.
Also the lower right corner has a big chunk missing from the tote 😦
A close up of the corner 😦
Take the lid off, another tote inside
It has a big piece missing from its right corner 😦
It was full of Fall decorations but nothing was found broken or missing 🙂
We transferred the contents to another tote 🙂
And labeled it correctly 🙂
Then on to Tote #2
Tote #2 still had the zip ties on 2 of the 4 corners.
And this is what we found minus the stuffed bear and musical dog that we picked up off the road and had been drying up by the dog house for the past week.  You will be  happy to know the musical dog still works 🙂
This is the angel that broke.  It was special to us as Judy, Ron’s sister, had given it to us our very first Christmas in the motor home, 2006.  In the front it had the nativity scene with an ever-changing LED light behind it.  It was pretty and we enjoyed watching it change colors and brought peacefulness to the rig in the early evening hours after a busy day at work.
One of the wings that broke off.  We were missing a few pieces so we could not glue it back together so we said good-bye.  We will keep our eyes open to see if we can find something similar down the road.
If you know us at all, you know Christmas is one of our favorite holidays and we love to decorate.  When we first moved into our motor home we put 19 totes of Christmas decorations in our storage unit.  Over the past six years we have taken a couple of totes out to change-up the decorations of the motor home and now carry two totes of Christmas decorations along with a tote full, really full of Christmas lights that we decorate with wherever we are at Christmas.  We have also passed a few things onto our boys and their families and we plan on doing that some more when we are back in Whatcom County next January to March (2014) and yes, we are already planning our vacation for next year.
Do you like to decorate for Christmas?
How about for other holidays?
How many boxes or totes do you have stashed away that you bring out each holiday season.
And in case you are wondering we do have an Americana tote that comes out this next week where we will decorate with Red, White & Blue for the season of Memorial Day thru Labor Day!!
And the tote full of Fall decorations and a tote with Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter decorations!!

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