Random Conversations with God

As I have said many times
I am amazed how God is right here when I need him.
He knows what ever it is I am going through and he meets me right there.
You would think I would be used to it by now and just expect God to meet me right in the moment.
But I’m not, I am amazed and then get excited each time God’s word speaks to me.  
It may be straight from the Bible – the perfect source for meeting God at any time.  
It may be through a song that is playing on the radio or an email from a friend
But always I am amazed at how God loves me, talks to me and cares for me.

1 John 2: 12 ~ 14 (The Message) says:
I remind you, my dear children: Your sins are forgiven in Jesus’ name. You veterans were in on the ground floor, and know the One who started all this; you newcomers have won a big victory over the Evil One.  And a second reminder, dear children: You know the Father from personal experience. You veterans know the One who started it all; and you newcomers—such vitality and strength! God’s word is so steady in you. Your fellowship with God enables you to gain a victory over the Evil One.

And I am reminded even though some days are a struggle that

Because of Jesus ~ I am strong
Because of God’s Word ~ God abides in me
Because of Jesus ~ I have overcome many things

And most importantly

Just Keep on Keeping On!!!

Don’t get discouraged however often I fail or fall into temptation
(like eating a candy bar)
BUT always pick myself up, ask for forgiveness from God or myself
and get moving again…eat something healthy!!!

Looking for Love??
Solomon 8: 6-7

We keep missing the mark because we are looking for love in all the wrong places 
(Isn’t there a song by that title?) 
We are looking for love from others when the only source of true love is God!!
I need to love God with all my heart, mind and soul.
And when I don’t feel that love I need to ask God to help me love Him, love myself, love others.

Thank you God for loving me in all my imperfections!!!

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