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Love ~ What Does it Mean?

Struggles continued…
I have been having an ongoing conversation with a friend about my struggle to get/stay motivated to lose weight.  I know what I need to do
~ write down everything I eat; good or bad
~ exercise; at least 5 minutes a day
~ drink water and more water
~ make healthy choices
~ stop looking at losing weight as a diet
~start looking at it as a way of life; a healthy lifestyle
So how do my struggles connect with the title:  Love ~ What Does It Mean?
My word for the month of June for my devotions is Love.  So every day my devotion focuses on love.  Loving others, loving God and loving myself!
And where did God meet me today?  Right here in Solomon 2:4-5
I read it and reread it.  I thought about the words.  
God leads me to the banquet table.  What is a banquet table…a place where we eat.
And God leads me because He loves me!!!
God is the one who provides us with our groceries, with all the food I need and should eat.  
He does this because He loves me!!!
Because He loves me I need to love me too!!!
One way to love myself is to follow God (Obedience) and do the things I KNOW I need to do.
And then a friend commented on a post
and said when we follow God’s word (Obedience) 
we have freedom.
God gives me free choice.  He allows me to choose the apple over the ice cream – free will.
Right now I need to make healthy choices of what I am going to eat which
will give me freedom from all the extra weight I am carrying around.
It is God’s will that I want follow…not mine.
God’s will in me can overtake temptations (Satan) to overeat, to be lazy.
It is not my will power as I have no power without God’s power.
I need to Believe His heart is good and that He has good for me.  God has all the knowledge and power, I just need to Believe Him because I don’t have all the knowledge or power.
Admitting that I don’t have all the answers and obviously the way I was doing things was not helping me to get healthy.  God knows the way.  I believe He gives me tools to follow Him and to do His will.
Again…being Obedient to God’s will.
Because God loves me
I need to be Obedient to Him
And Love myself
And Loving myself is making the time to eat healthy, get exercise 
and be Intentional in my Obedience to the Lord.
What does Love mean to you?
Is it hard to love yourself?
How about loving others.
I am reminded that I must give myself the same grace, love, mercy and kindness 
just as I do others.

One response to “Love ~ What Does it Mean?”

  1. Great post! A warning, though – as you move toward obedience be prepared for the enemy to bombard you with stuff to see just how committed you are going to be. Stay strong, stay faithful. Know that God (your Father) is pleased with the good choices you make. Love you!

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