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My Body is not Mine Alone

Woke up this morning to the motor home rockin’ and a rollin’ as we were experiencing wind gusts up to 40 mph ~ whew!
As I was reading 
I was reminded that my body is not my own but a temple of the Lords and I need to take care of it like it was the most precious thing around BECAUSE it is a temple of the Lord!!
I weighed this morning and I was back where I was two Monday’s ago…what a reminder that getting healthy is not done once in a while but needs to be part of my focus each and every day.
And in my devotional I was reminded
Faith is believing in what I cannot see but to be committed to walk in Christ’s footsteps 
even though I don’t know what is ahead of me. 
Faith calls us to live not by our feelings but by what we know is TRUTH!!
I am not to worry about tomorrow as I don’t know what it will bring.
Instead I need to focus on today and and see God’s blessings now!
And how special friendships are as talked about in Proverbs 27:9
Today I give thanks for the many friendships I am blessed with.  I have many friends, some I speak to every day, sometimes once a week or even once a month.  I have friends I have spent time with, sometimes even six hours in a coffee shop as God healed our relationship.  And I have friends I have never met in person but who have blessed me with a card, a phone call, an email or even placing flowers on our little Royce’s grave as they passed through Las Vegas.  I have friends who I have only seen a few times over the past 35 years and yet I know that at any given moment I could reach out to any one of my friends and know that just as God is with me and I am never alone that my friends are with me to hold my hand, listen to me cry, share in my joys and even help me to see the humor in a tire that refuses to come loose so we can continue our journey.
Thank you Lord for being my friend and blessing me with friends around the world.
And the little reminder from Proverbs 27:23 to be diligent, to know the state of your flock (household) and to attend to your herds (what it is that needs to be done).
For me, this was a reminder of paying attention to the little things and the big things that need to be done each day like balancing the checkbook, paying the bills, preparing healthy meals, taking care of my health, loving my hubby, my children and grandchildren, to keep my focus on the Lord and follow where He leads.

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