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Sunday School & Worship Service Reflections

Interesting Sunday School class this week ~ the lesson came from Deuteronomy 21:18-21
And how even though the ways of discipline is different today ~ we don’t stone our children or others who are disobedient ~ it is still important to address disobedience.
I reflected a lot during the lesson about how we parented our boys at different times and how we had to use “Tough Love” even when it was very hard.  And that we were able to stand and hold onto our values with the strength of the Lord and the love and support of other parents who had walked a similar road as we were at the time.  
One thing Pastor Daniel shared was that in the case of this rebellious son his rebelliousness did not happen over night but over a period of time and I thought about one of my personal struggles ~ being overweight and the struggles I face as I change my lifestyle of poor eating and lack of exercise to making healthy choices and moving more.  I know, some of you are laughing as it seems we are always moving :), in this case I am thinking of moving my body, getting exercise.  I did not gain all this weight over night but over many years and I can’t expect that making a few changes will immediately show great results of a new healthy me.  
And I find myself asking the Lord to help me daily to make healthy choices.  Each and every day!
It’s like using Tough Love on myself…sometimes it is necessary to be a little tougher/stronger in my journey of getting healthy. 
And I am reminded that
And then the sermon was titled “If it concerns God does it concern me?”
Scripture came from Mark 10:13-16
 Luke 18:15,  2 Samuel 12:23
And that ALL things matter to God, not just the big things.
EVERYTHING! matters to God
and if it is important to God it should be important to me.
And the question was asked ~
Are you not only concerned but are you concerned enough?
I have often asked “Are you okay?” and have been asked that question by others but I think what needs to be asked is 
Lord help me not to just offer words but to DO something for those who you bring into my life.  I may not have much money but I have many blessings that I can share with others.  

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