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Road Trip Reflections

Wow, can’t believe two weeks have passed since I last wrote…what have we been doing?
Ron’s days off 5/15-18/2013 was spent close to home.  It rained quite a bit so the weather was not conducive to checking out the area.  We did a lot of resting which was kind of nice ~ just reading, spending time together, watching some shows on Netflix.  We are enjoying The Guardian and Cheers!
Ron’s days off 5/22-24/2013 was spent on a road trip.  Our blog, The Wandering Workentins will be updated later today about our road trip with lots of pictures…let me share a little bit of our trip and how the Lord spoke to both of us.
Our road trip was from Coffeyville, KS to Bethany, MO and back to Coffeyville, KS in a roundabout way
Tried to put a picture of the map of our route: Coffeyville, KS to Bethany, MO to Jamesport, MO to Leavenworth, KS to Pittsburg, KS to Parsons, KS and back to Coffeyville, KS…I just couldn’t figure out how to make the map into a picture…maybe next time.
The reason for our trip was an interview for a full-time, permanent position as campground managers.  We did not apply for this job, the owner came looking for us 🙂  We agreed to meet with him and so we planned our trip to go meet him in his home town.  He is not only a business man but also a farmer and a pastor.  We looked forward to meeting with him and his wife to see what they were offering, if we could work together, did we have similar goals and especially to see if the Lord was opening an unexpected door and opportunity.
We enjoyed our trip.  Wednesday started out sunny but by the time we arrived in Bethany it was cool and overcast.  We were definitely not dressed for the change in weather as we were both in shorts and tank tops 🙂  We met at a little Mexican restaurant and talked for almost two hours.  Lots of things were talked about and we feel the Lord is leading us in that direction.  In the evening we were invited to attend church w/D & P and thought it would be fun and see how the Lord would speak to us.  The ladies have their own Bible study and the men meet together.  Once we gathered to return to the hotel we laughed at how the Lord spoke to both of us.  
Alice hearing from the Lord
God went before Ron and I to speak to D & P, to ready the discussions ~ am I open to hearing how he is leading and then following him.
I felt God asking me the following:  Do I choose to follow Christ?  Are my values His values?  Do I allow “STUFF” to compete for God in my life?  Do I make room for God in my life?  Do I sit in the quiet and wait upon the Lord?  Are God’s priorities my priorities?  Do I put God first or is he an after thought?  How can I follow and serve Christ first if I allow things  busyness to fill my life?
And from Philippians 3:1-11
God requires repentance and faith in Him.  We don’t deserve nor can we earn God’s blessings.
To sum up what I (Alice) felt the Lord saying to me: stop all the busyness, trust and walk in Faith with Him and keep trusting that he, GOD, walks before me, opens and closes doors as needed and trust that He will honor my faith in Him!!
And Ron felt the Lord reminding him that just as God used the clouds to show when the Israelites were to move in Egypt (when the cloud moved, the people moved) that as God opens the doors in our lives we need to follow his leading.
And so we have said to D & P that as the Lord opens the doors we are interested in going through those doors.  In this case it would mean moving again and managing a campground, working along with like minded Christians to share God’s blessings and bounty with others.
So now we wait to see when God actually opens the door and we can move forward.  In the meantime we serve where we can where we are, Ron continues to work at Amazon and we live our lives to the fullest, trusting Him with every aspect of our lives.

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