Stumbling through Saturday

Saturday Morning and I am barely moving.  I have been pretty quiet the last day and a half or so as I have not been feeling well.  And this morning I feel like I am just stumbling to make my way.  Was up at 5:00, made hubby breakfast of a bagel and banana and then got his lunch together.  Today is his first full day of work, a 10 hour shift at Amazon.  I pray for strength for him as he begins his first long day at Amazon.
As I stumbled through my time with the Lord this morning I am reminded He only asks us for obedience to him, to walk one foot in front of the other, keeping our focus on Him and Him alone.
In Joshua 6:16 we are told by Joshua, commanded by God to SHOUT for the Lord as he has given you the city…I find myself asking “Do I SHOUT out my blessings from the Lord?  Do I SHOUT out His wonderful mercies?  Or do I sit and keep them quietly inside only shouting about the hard stuff, the negative stuff or some stupid irritation I feel for someone else?
Lord help me to SHOUT out my blessings ~
   ~ Thank You Lord I was able to get about six hours of sleep last night without the ickyness of acid reflux!
   ~ Thank you Lord for Ron’s job!!!
   ~ Thank you Lord for the days off we had together!!!  For the beautiful scenery of Oklahoma and Kansas that we have seen over the past three days!!!
   ~  Thank you Lord for the nudging on how we can serve others.  I ask Lord that you help us as we get the ball rolling on a specific plan to serve others.
   ~ Lord Thank You for the blessing of getting to know Jesse, Ryan & Malachi and for the opportunity to share You with Malachi and take him to church to learn more about You!!!
Lord I ask that you be with Tina and her parents as her dad was taken to the hospital last night.  Give the doctor’s wisdom in treating his breathlessness.  giver her and her parents peace in this time of uncertainty.
Lord thank you for this new day.  A day to step out and start a fresh with you.  Help me to make healthy choices pertaining to the foods I eat.  Help me to do the things I do today with a cheerful heart.
Thank you for loving me, my family and friends.  Be with family as they are spread far and wide.  Thank you for the fun long conversation with Aunt Erma yesterday morning.  Help me to remember to contact them and not her always having to call me.
Love you Lord!!  So glad I am a part of your family!!!  Amen
Do you SHOUT out about your blessings or do you keep them quiet, hesitant to share?

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