Friday Morning and It’s Raining, Thundering & Lightening here in Coffeyville, KS

What a wake up call we got this morning.  The rolling thundercaps, numerous lightening breaks and an alarm I could not get shut off.  I have been praying for the Lord to help me wake up and not dawdle in bed in the mornings ~ this morning he didn’t give me any time to just lay in bed.  And it took me over 3 minutes to turn off the dang alarm and boy was it annoying – a rooster crowing over and over again!!  But God is faithful and answered my prayer.  Just remember what and how you pray – it just may be answered in a way you would not expect.
Dear God:
Thank you for the reminder this morning that the more I seek you the more I will come to know you.  Help me to know you in the most personal of ways and not just give you lip service.  Help me to be authentic in my walk with you.
I thank you Lord for the many ways you take care of us.  For getting our final paychecks from Branson View Campground early.  You know how I worry when our money gets super tight and this week I know I had been worrying about having gas in the Jeep, propane in the motor home and having groceries on hand to make Ron lunches for when he is working.  Lord forgive me for not trusting you a bit more and not claiming your promises that you will never fail us or forsake us.  And even in my doubting you showed me over and over you know what our needs are and that you do to take care of us.
Thank you that our bills for the first half of May are paid, that we have plenty of groceries including fresh fruit and vegi’s and that we have a full propane tank which means we have heat in our rig, hot water to shower and do dishes and that Ron has a job!  Help me to give thanks to you each day and not to take things for granted.
Lord so many I know are hurting.  Please be with Barb & Robert as they mourn the loss of Ms. Abby, be with Dee and Tim as they make some hard decisions this week, be with the momma’s who have lost little ones way before their time and with so many that we know that are battling cancer and other health issues.    Thank you Lord for your comforting arms and words in our times of trials and struggles.
Lord I know so often I come to you asking for this and that and yet I don’t want to be remiss about praising you and giving thanks for the many blessings you shower upon us.
Thank you Lord for Doug who loves our niece, Christi.  Bless them as they prepare for marriage.  Thank you for Jamie & Suzanne.  Give Suzanne peace as she prepares to send Opal off to school.  Let Opal have fun and make many new friends.  Thank you for Jamie & Suzanne, bless them as they support each other in marriage and love on sweet Opal and all those they come into contact with.
Thank you for Brandon & Danalyn and their four boys: Max, Christopher, Treyson and Alexander.  Be with Brandon as he studies and prepares for a new direction in his working career.  Thank you that Danalyn has work as an Occupational Therapist.  Be with her as she serves her patients and clients.  Thank you for the parents they are.  It is so fun to watch them as they nurture and guide those four rambunctious boys.  Thank you that Alexander learned how to roll over yesterday!  He is growing so fast.  Be with Max as he prepares to go to high school next year…hard to believe he will be graduating in four short years.  And thank you for the love and joy that Christopher and Treyson bring to us and the whole family.
Thank you Lord for your love and care and the many blessings you give us.  Be with our friends and family in whatever they are doing today.  Be with Leah as she and Brenna get breastfeeding on the right track.  Give her patience and to remember in her heart that you are in control and that she is a good momma to her precious children.
Lord thank you for loving me and for reminding me of my gift of writing and that it is one way I can communicate with you each day.  Amen.

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