S is for So much to See

S is for So much to See

As we prepare to move to a new area and a new adventure there is so much to see!

We love road trips and other than one little mishap our first day back on the road was uneventful.

First the near mishap ~

as we pulled out of the campground and started out on State Highway 265 the Jeep started to swerve.  Not a good thing as it was being towed by the motor home.  And we had no place to pull over.  I stood in the back of the motor home watching the Jeep, letting Ron know how bad the Jeep swerved especially on the big curves.  We drove about 8 miles to Walmart in Branson West where we pulled in to the big empty parking lot.

Ron jumped out of the motor home to see what was wrong.  It seems one of the arms on the tow bar had not locked the way it was supposed to 😦  After rehooking up the Jeep, pulling forward with the motor home, turning left and then right and then backing up inch by inch and then pulling up forward again and again we were good to go.

Thank you Walmart for the big empty parking lot where we could safely hook up the Jeep once again.

And then down the road we went.


Just love these purple flowers


Sunny skies and neat rock formations



What  a beautiful picture on the back of this motor home.


The view from our campsite this morning.


Saw this on our way to find a Starbucks to get some wifi ~ funny place for a truck to be parked.


2 thoughts on “S is for So much to See”

  1. One of my responsibilities is I have to watch while Joe manuvers the motorhome until BOTH arms click into place and are locked. I also am responsible to watch and see that all the lights are working. After reading your story, now I really understand the imprtance of my little job 🙂

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