O is for Oh My!

O is for Oh My…

I am in shock…

I just can’t believe how grown adults behave…and then they wonder why their children behave the way they do.

I belong to quite a few different RV groups and  this is what someone posted yesterday.  I could not believe he did this and then I couldn’t believe that people were cheering him on for his behavior.  I am still in shock that a grown man with children could behave this way.

Please read what he wrote…..

“Soooo…. I’m walking out of Winco (grocery store in OR, ID, & WA) with groceries when I look up for my car off in the distance I see this old man (like 65-70) and he’s standing there letting his dog PISS on my tires! As I get closer he then proceeds to take a dump on the grassy island part in front of my car. He walks back to his car (parked 2 spots from me) he grabs his cell phone and calls someone then walks back to the other side of the grassy island and starts talking to someone on the phone… The final straw what when I hear him say “Yea, I’m over here in California, “land of crazies and queers” . Meanwhile I’d been unloading my groceries and I notice his “Bush/Cheney” bumper sticker and Texas License plate. I let it get the best of me and emptied out one of the grocery bags , walked over to the pile of dog shit and picked it up, walked over to his car and smeared it all over his windshield, then wiped it on all his door handles while he stood there in total awe not saying a word…. I just smiled and said “Welcome to California” and got in my car and drove off… hahahahah”

What do you think?  Am I really out in left field when I think this is just wrong?

I did post back and ask him why does he think two wrongs make his behavior right?

The only response was more cheers for his behavior.

And then people wonder why we have many of the issues that we have in this world.

8 responses to “O is for Oh My!”

  1. Good thing it was in Cali that he did that. Although I understand his being miffed about the dog and the comment the man heard, he is fortunate that Texan didn’t pull a 38 or 9mm out of the back of his pants and hold his sorry butt hostage while he made that jerk clean his windshield and door handles with the shirt he WAS wearing. Most Texans I know carry concealed and would have. Jail? Maybe, but doubtful, especially if it happened in Texas instead of Cali. I sure as heck would not have watched him do that to my car and then let him drive away. Oh, hell no!

  2. Well, this certainly is not my style. There are angry people of all shapes and sizes out there just waiting for a “cause” to react. I always prefer to make my point more creatively if I can. In this situation, I would have found some plastic bags, picked up the dog poop, and walked over to the gentleman in question and would have sweetly asked, “Do you happen to have a trash bag I could put this in? I like to help people and I heard what you said about Californians, and I wanted you to know that not all of us are crazy or unkind.” Point made.
    As Romans 12:20 says, “On the contrary: ‘If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.’”
    I don’t expect those without faith and without the wisdom of God’s wise and holy word to know these things though. That’s why the world is in such turmoil and why people have no inner peace.

  3. Can’t say I’d have let him do that to my car, but I would have picked the dog pooh up. The guy was, as we say in England, an arse.
    maggie winter

  4. Well, i confess to not being much of a dog person, so I’m not very tolerant of people who do not take care of their animals and what they leave behind. However, I would never do something as crass as this man did. I think Oh My! is oh so very appropriate.

    I suppose I can understand why people would cheer for someone who did something about something that frustrated them, because I think there are a lot of people who are quietly frustrated and who do not let their frustration out appropriately. Not that this guy did, either, but I wonder if that was part of what people were cheering about.



  5. That’s disgusting? Why would you do something like that? I don’t care if this guy was ignorant you saw his ignorance and raised him.

    1. Lingeringvisions…I didn’t do this or raise this guy…this was posted by someone on a RV blog that I follow. I too thought this was very disgusting.

      1. Oh, i see. I’m so sorry, but glad that you didn’t do this. I read it wrong. Someone else did it and bragged. I get it now. The guy who did it was clearly offended by the other’s actions but all he did was validate (to that man and his cohorts) his own presumptions. It’s so easy to hate when we pigeon hole.

  6. Turning your other cheek has gone on for way too long and THAT is why there are so many issues in this world. What the first guy did was crude and should not be tolerated. There are too many folks nowadays, not just kids who are just rude and continue to be oblivious to it, so making a VERY big statement is necessary so they get it! We are working on ourselves to strive more to stand up to idiots like this, and it’s not always easy not to cross the line but eventually these oblivious idiots will get the idea that what they are doing is crude and rude and is not acceptable behavior. Or, we can all turn our cheeks and they will continue being idiots and get cruder all the time. It’s all about our choices!

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