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A is for Abode

A is for Abode (the place where one abides)

We have lived in many types of abode’s:

a house

an apartment

a duplex

and our most favorite

our motor home


We enjoy living in our motor home as it has allowed us to travel and see many beautiful areas around the United States.  We enjoy being able to go and visit our boys and their family’s.  Go to the ocean or the mountains.  We have parked our motor home in many different places: friends yard, campgrounds, along side the road, fairgrounds and parking lots.  Our most favorite place to be parked is where friends and family are.  Another positive about living in our motor home is that we can meet lots of different people, reconnect with old friends and make new friends.

What kind of Abode do you live in?

If you could have any type of Abode, what would it be?

4 responses to “A is for Abode”

  1. Definitely lovin’ living in the motorhome. However, a piece of property to park it on once in awhile would be nice. Loved the blog post!

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