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Just Ponderin’

I have been thinking about how wonderfully blessed I am.
Even though we weren’t able to be at Christopher’s 5th Birthday celebration through Facebook we have seen many pictures of that day and a very happy boy.
Christopher anticipating the great ice cream cake his Aunt Darcy made him alongside cousin Colton all the while dreaming of opening those gifts!
Gathering a big gulp of air to blow out that candle!!
Admiring one of many presents!!!
Time for the Basketball (what else could it be?) pinata.
Mom, Danalyn, giving some pointers
Dang it!  I missed.
Trying again!
Cousins Colton and Jaden along with big brother Max as Christopher continues trying to break it open.
Getting a better aim without the blindfold

And another big swing

Yeah – time for the spoils!!!

 And a few of the brothers.
Happy Boy Alexander!!!
Don’t know why Treyson missed out on the pictures, but this Grammy found one from our recent trip to Oregon.
Big Brother Max taking aim!!!
Seeing The Presley’s
We were blessed with free tickets to go and see The Presley’s.
Before the actual show there is a pre-show that included singing many old hymns.  What a blessing to hear so many people from many walks of life sharing of God’s love.  They closed with Amazing Grace which is one of our favorite hymns.



And spending each and every day with my sweet and loving husband!!!
Fighting the snow to get to work. 

Our family Ron, Jamie, age 35, Alice, Brandon, age 33
I am thankful for a husband who loves me and has walked this journey of life as we have climbed many mountains and stumbled through the valley’s.
I am thankful for two wonderful son’s who are the best sons, husbands, daddy’s, and young men.
Most of all I am thankful for Our Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross and took all my sins away.
Thank you Jesus for making me a daughter of the king!!!

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