OR/WA 2013 Trip ~ Day 9

Time is speeding by…so thankful we woke up on Saturday morning feeling like we were once again among the living.  And that is a good thing as we had lots to do!!
First up was breakfast with the family.  Our fabulous cook was our sweet daughter-in-love Danalyn. 
She made breakfast of French toast and was it yummy.
After breakfast Danalyn and I ran some errands, stopping to have a great visit while sipping a mocha!!
We even brought mocha’s back for Ron & Brandon ~ wasn’t that sweet of us?
One of the errands was to Costco and getting Christopher his birthday present.  We decided to give it to him early since we would not be together on his birthday.  How fun is this??

Grandpa blowing up the hamster ball for kids!
Christopher patiently waiting for Grandpa
Max & Grandpa almost done!
Christopher getting ready to climb in!
And then it was time to go to Max’s basketball game.  
Max #3, with his team.

Running down the court.

Momma watching Alex, Treyson & Grandpa watching the game!

Max, 2nd from left.  Love those red & black shoes!!!

Max in action!!

Cutest fan at the game!!!

“Come on coach, my grandparents are here to see me play!”

On the move again.

The game is intense, let me out there!!!
Great game Max – so fun to see you play and win too!!
Saturday evening found us playing, reading, hugging, snuggling, and playing with the grands!!!
Oops…forgot to introduce you to our first Great Grandson!!  Max brought DeMarcus home for the weekend! 
Max w/DeMarcus

DeMarcus being a good baby.
 It was funny to see Alex fussing and then DeMarcus would cry and Alex would quiet right down.  Haven’t heard what grade Max earned taking care of DeMarcus but all of us were in agreement that he really didn’t need DeMarcus around to show he knows how to take care of a baby ~ Max is the best big brother anyone could ask for!!  Just ask Christopher & Treyson!!
And just because – here are some pictures – there can’t be too many can there?
Treyson just being Treyson!

Treyson loving his baby while Grammy was snuggling with Alex.
Alex having fun with his play pad!!!
And then it was time for bed…Day 9 of vacation was on its way!!

2 thoughts on “OR/WA 2013 Trip ~ Day 9”

  1. Glad you are feeling better. We saw those balls at Costco when we were out there last Thursday. Does your grandson go to North Clackamas High School?

  2. Hi there…no, Max is in the 8th grade and I am not sure what middle school he goes to. Thanks for asking. The ball was a big hit with the 14 year old (Max) and Christopher (turned 5 on 3/24)!! Would recommend it to anyone – they hold up to 150 lbs.

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