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Just Ramblin’ Through

Here we go ~

1.  Had a very strange dream that woke me up this morning…we went to a new big church and felt it was Birch Bay Bible Community Church (the church hubby grew up in that just built a new building).  We were: Ron, me, a baby and a toddler (but we were as old as we are now so not sure who the little ones were).  The occasion was a big feast of some kind.  Judy, Kathy, John & Fawn, all their kids and grands were there, Viv, Mavis and lots of others I didn’t recognize.  First I had to take the little ones to the nursery, they would eat in there but to get to the nursery we had to take a small ferry (sort of like the Plover – a little ferry in Blaine).  Then we headed back to the church.  Once we landed I had to go potty ~ walked to this trailer (like an open topped cattle trailer) that had two toilets out in the open.  One older lady was going to the bathroom and crying uncontrollably.  When I finished my business there was a man holding a big towel/blanket so I could pull up my pants without being seen.  Told him this feels weird.  Then another couple and Ron & I were on the ferry back to the church commenting how strange this set up was.  When we got back to the church there was no food.  The gal on the ferry and I said if we knew it would have taken two hours to just get the babies settled and go to the potty we wouldn’t have come.  Then our friend Jay walked by.  He smiled and waved and then Pastor Charles (from Northwood) jumped out in front of me, said “Ta Da” and handed me this huge piece of chocolate cream pie and smiled.  And then I woke up…weird.  Wonder if it means anything at all?

2.  Went to Springfield yesterday for another eye appointment with the ocularist.  He did more tweaking, prodding, pushing and tweaking some more.  My eye socket got real irritated which gave me a headache 😦  but the good news is that the lid is open a little more and I don’t go back till 4/3!!!  Still have my headache this morning but I am sure it will go away in a couple of days.

3.  Have been doing a lot of thinking about my health…I know quit thinking and get busy.  So today I committed to getting back in the habit of tracking everything I eat on myfitnesspal.com  I also made a commitment that beginning next Monday, 1/14 I am going back to not eating processed sugar.  I have done that before for 3 months and I know I can do it.  I am putting it out “there” as a way to keep myself accountable.  So one goal for today – writing on myfitnesspal and one for next Monday – no more processed sugar.

4.  We have been busy brainstorming about our trip to WA & OR in March.  It will be another whirlwind trip…right now our plan is to leave by noon on 3/8 and be back to work on 3/21.  We will be driving the Jeep out so we can put the hardtop on it.  It is cold when the temps drop to the 30’s when riding around in the soft top.  Now we are trying to figure out what to do with Linus during our trip.

Isn’t he cute?  We have thought of taking him with us but are not sure what to do with him while we are in Blaine as we will be busy with the wedding celebration, having coffee dates w/friends, seeing other friend, stopping by the church, having coffee dates w/friends, chatting and visiting, eating, having coffee dates with friends…you get the idea.  We have thought of leaving him at Brandon & Danalyn’s but we are not sure that their fenced in yard is fenced well enough that he couldn’t escape.

I have posted on Facebook to see if we could find someone to puppy sit while we are gone.  I have a couple of ideas running through my head but need to check them out before I say anything.  We have thought of picking up a huge kennel when we get to Portland so during the day when B & D are at work he could stay in there all day and then selling it once we leave Portland.  Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated…as you can tell I did not do much thinking about having a puppy and traveling without our home on wheels.

By the way, he is so funny when I am trying to crochet…he wants to snuggle under the blanket while I am working on it and gets upset when I move it from side to side as I move from row to row.

6.  Do you know 9 mm ammo is not to be found  anywhere around here in the Branson/Springfield area – wonder what that means?

Guess that’s about it with me.  Hope everyone who reads this is doing well.  Talk to y’all later!

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  1. Ali, I think you will enjoy using MyFitnessPal. I started using it in August and I have lost almost 40 pounds since then. The program works well and keeps me accountable by allowing me to track all the food I eat. It's very easy to use and most foods are already in the database. Good luck! P.S. Thanks for the Christmas card! We just opened our cards yesterday because our mail was being held for us in Pismo Beach.

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