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Living by Faith

Woke this morning thinking of Kailey today.  Today would have been her birthday.  She was just 17 when she was killed in a horrible accident.  I miss seeing her smiling face and hearing her happy laugh but oh how much more her parents, Tim & Cindy must be missing her.  It’s been 6 years since she has been gone.  And so this morning I ask the LORD to be with Tim & Cindy, and the rest of the Walter clan, to celebrate the joys of Kailey as the pain of her  being gone are just as raw as on that February 28th night.  We love you Tim, Cindy, Krista and the rest of the family.
After spending a few minutes in prayer for the Walter family, I made my way to the kitchen to make coffee and then realized I forgot creamer yesterday when we were at the grocery store.  I like my creamer and then remembered I still have a little bit of powdered Hazelnut creamer ~ all is good again 🙂
And then I opened my Bible to the devotion for today.  It is found in Habakkuk 2:4b “But the just shall live by his faith.”  And what I read was Just Live By Faith.  Not THE just but JUST!!! Wow!!!  
So I looked up the word JUST ~ 
As an Adjective ~ suitable, appropriate
Synonyms ~ legitimate, right
As an Adverb ~  definitely
Synonyms ~ absolutely, completely, precisely, smack-dab, squarely
and so today I am reminded to  Live appropriately, legitimately, right, definitely, absolutely, completely, precisely, squarely and smack-dab in the FAITH of the Lord!  and so has I start this new week I remind myself that God doesn’t ask any thing from me or give me more than I can handle and that I just need to keep walking one foot in front of the other, knowing and believing in Faith that God is right here with me, every step of the way.  And I thank you Lord for this powerful message to me this morning.

2 responses to “Living by Faith”

  1. What an awesome message today!! I think it is so important to share messages as God reveals them because their is typically someone out there that needs to hear it. I am here today to tell you, that your message was right on time for me. Thank you for loving him and being faithful to him and his word and sharing. God Bless you!!!

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