August 15 – The 3 Redneck Tenors ~ Part 1

One of the perks being the managers of Branson View Campground is we get many free or reduced tickets to many of the shows in the area.
One day, the Marketing Director the Americana Theater stopped in the office and asked if we had seen the 3 Redneck Tenors?  I responded no and she said to stop in and tell them she had comped us two tickets.  So that is what we did.  And what a great show it was.  It is the “story” of how the 3 Redneck Tenors went from living in Paris, TX and arrived on stage at the Carnegie Theater in New York.  The night we went Larry the Cable Guy was there ~ what a fun night of lots of laughter and beautiful music. 
First up were lots of Redneck Photos

Stay tuned for the show.

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