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My Chat with God this Morning

Busyness has seemed to be my life lately.  I have been dealing with a sore back ~ was a bit too zealous with a new exercise and getting healthy routine.  Then I got an ingrown toenail…do you know how hard it is to walk with a very sore toe.  And I have allowed the computer to become my idol.  On the computer in the mornings, on the computer throughout the day, and then 2 or even 4 hours in the evening ~~~  yeah, a bit too much.

Had some different dreams last night.  Can’t remember all of them but little snippets (I like that word this morning ~ more about this in a bit).

1.  Offered to buy a group of young people lunch and what was supposed to be simple hot dogs and burgers turned into a fiasco, with a ton of dirty dishes and no one willing to help me clean it up.  Woke up thinking ~ I need to think things through completely before committing to do it; make sure I have a plan that is possible to follow through on.

 2.  Was visiting with a friend and she asked me where something that I promised to do was?  I remember looking at her and saying “Oh, I got busy doing this and that.”  She looked at me and said “you promised.”  I woke up thinking…I keep saying I am going to do this for, and this for and even this for…and yet I am allowing computer time to rule my life. 

See the theme going on here.  And then I got up and began my normal day.  I always start with writing out what I/we did the day before and then read in my Bible and Guideposts devotional.  And boy did the Lord talk to me this morning:

Snippets from my devotion this morning:

From Job 37:14 “Stand still and consider the wondrous works of God.”

A young man asks God “Why didn’t you give the things I asked?” God replied “I could have BUT I wanted to make you happy .” Remember God wants the best for us. Trust Him with your whole heart ~ He is the original heart surgeon.

Faithfulness means continuing quietly with the job we have been given in the situation where we have been placed…a lot of the road to heaven has to be traveled at thirty miles per hour, not speeding by at 150 miles per hour. ~ Evelyn Underhill KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!!

Love these reminders this morning to BE STILL AND KNOW I AM GOD!!

I needed these reminders this morning, they went right along with my thoughts after waking from a couple of dreams in the night.

So I had a little chat with God this morning, rather he had a chat with me 🙂  And I have decided I need to make some changes in my evenings as I spending way too much time on the computer and not enough time BEING with my hubby,  working on projects (cross-stitch, crochet, writing) or keeping our home clean, enjoyable and a fun place to relax. 

So my new tentative schedule is this:  AND YES, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK ME HOW I AM DOING WITH IT!!!

Up, drink a bottle of water
Have my quiet time w/the Lord
Do my scheduled exercise for the day ~ Slim in 6, Stretching, Yoga w/Dr. Marian, Wii Country Dancing or Wii Sports.  These exercise routines are from 20 to 60 minutes and need to be a part of daily routine
Shower, Breakfast and go to work

Lunch – and computer time 🙂

Dinner ~ continuing to work on making healthy dinners and not going out to eat too often (big fail this week as we went out to lunch 2 days in a row 😦 )

Evenings will be spending time chatting with Ron, cross-stitching, crocheting, going to different activities
and then doing a quick clean-up before heading to bed.

Using my two days a week I am off (Tuesday’s and Saturday’s) to spend some scheduled time writing.  I take pictures and think of things to blog about and yet don’t take the time to write them.  I also want to get back to writing my book about healing from abuse and trusting and allowing God to heal.

Thank you Lord for speaking to me through my dreams, through your word this morning, in my prayer time and thank you for this  new day to start again on being who YOU want me to be.

One response to “My Chat with God this Morning”

  1. Sounds like a good plan, Ali. I like the insights you got from your dreams. I get the strangest dreams sometimes and can't make heads or tails out of them.

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