And God is Faithful

Overslept this morning so decided no walk before work but instead to read God’s word this morning.  And God is faithful to meet me right where I am.

From my devotional this morning “God’s Little Devotional Bible” I am reminded that “the Christian faith imparts meaning to life.  A living faith that is centered in God as revealed in Christ takes our chaotic, disorganized selves, with their crude jumble of pleasures and pains, and knits them together into a steadiness and joy that can endure anything with God.

Trust God today to turn your brokenness into something of beauty and value.”

As I cried out to God last night when I went to sleep just mumbling over and over “please send me a friend, please send me a friend” amidst my tears I heard this voice say – “You need to be a friend too.   Nurture the friends you do have, share the love that overflows in your heart with those you know whether near or far.”    I slept well last night, almost too well as I woke up an hour later than planned.  I need to remember to turn the alarm back on on Sunday nights.  (I turn it off on Saturday night so we can sleep a little later on Sundays).  I woke feeling refreshed.  Ready to start my day.

Made coffee for Ron.  I usually wait for him to make it and then remembered a little comment he made to me the other day.  “Sometimes it would be nice if you (Ali) made the morning coffee.”  Not a hard thing to do, something a friend would do for a friend ~ make them a fresh cup of coffee to start their morning.

And then I read my devotion –  and heard God say…you can make it through this, you have faced much bigger obstacles and challenges in life.  Remember to have a friend you need to be a friend ~ a reminder from what was in my thoughts as I fell asleep last night.

And then realized I may have overslept for a reason – my chest area, rib cage is very tight this morning, kind of achy and walking up the hills in this campground may not be a good thing for me today.  I will walk on the treadmill in the office this morning instead.  And why have I not thought of that before – the treadmill is here, a really nice one with all sorts of buttons – I can use that 🙂  still go for a walk outside each day and maybe Ron would join me if I did a walk in the evenings instead of at the crack of dawn when he is still sleeping. 

Well it is time to get on with my day.  Just wanted to share my devotion from this morning.  Hope whoever is reading this has a great day and remember God will supply all your needs!!

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