A Hard Place to Be In

Today as I was sitting in the worship service I missed my Northwood family terribly.  I kept looking around the room wondering if any of them would become a friend of mine.  Talked to one person and then made our way out.

Then went to work and worked for four hours.  Checked in two new guests ~ a good thing as our guest occupancy was very low this week. 

Ron went to hear the Bacon family in a Gospel Show at Grand Country.  After he got back and I was off work we decided to go for a drive.  We drove around the area, went to Crane, Galena and then decided it was time to head back toward the campground.  Told Maggie, our GPS to take us home the shortest route ~ 26.4 miles.  We drove down some winding roads, up some hills, saw pretty valley’s, some quirky colored homes, some beautiful brick homes, cows, cows, and more cows and green trees & bushes.  It was beautiful.

And then I said to Ron “What would you say if I wanted to go home (meaning WA/OR)?”  He didn’t say anything for a minute and then he asked “When?”  I told him I didn’t know, I just know I need to go home.  I miss having friends.  I love Ron more than anything and told him that.  But just being with him is not enough.  I need to be around friends, I need to have coffee with friends, I need to worship our Lord with friends and not just in a room full of strangers. 

And then more silence.  And tears were running down my cheeks.  I know Ron wants to continue to travel around the US, see more of this beautiful land we live in, see friends and family who live in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and I want those things too but I need friends along the way. 

Branson is a beautiful place and like our jobs and enjoy the perks of free shows and am loving the weather even on super hot days.  We enjoy going swimming in our pool.  We enjoy seeing new areas around Branson but something is missing…friends.  Someone to go shopping with, people to have dinner with, go swimming with, worship together with, friends.

After grabbing a hamburger for dinner and stopping to pick up  some bananas, radishes and cheese & lunch meat we headed for home.  Ron was pretty quiet.  I asked him what he was thinking – he said he knows I need more than just him and he feels bad that I am feeling so alone right now.  He asked me again when did I want to go home…and I said just some day.  I love you (Ron) and want to be with you as you fulfill your dreams of traveling around the US.  And I know in a couple of days I will be back to my happy go lucky self enjoying our lifestyle and where we are. 

Once home I walked into the rig and into the bathroom (where I do lots of talking to God) and asked Him to please send me a friend or two here in Branson.  And I know He will…maybe not tomorrow but one day.  And in the meantime we will continue to try churches till we find “the one,” continue to chat with friends on Facebook, via the telephone and email.  And I will continue to pray to my Lord and know that he will supply all my needs.  I know this and believe it with all my heart. 

And I know tomorrow is a new day and after a great night’s sleep I will feel better and so I close just asking you to say a prayer for God to bring a friend into my life while we are here in Branson.

4 thoughts on “A Hard Place to Be In”

  1. I know exactly what you mean. Friends can not be replaced–and are essential to a happy life. I hope you find a new friend soon. One thing I did when I was managing a park, was to send invitations to two or three of the long term residents for a \”girls night out\”. We went out to dinner and had lively conversations, just the girls. It broke the ice for me, and I made friends with several of them. They had wanted to meet me in a more personal way, but were afraid to approach the manager.

  2. Sorry for your sadness. We women do not do well without girlfriends. I will be praying for you and the homesickness you are feeling. Will pray that you find your niche there.Hugs Cindy

  3. Our first couple of years on the road I was so lonely. Eventually I made a much bigger effort to get our and socialize at anything the campground offered. Finally we have a circle of full and part time RVers that we meet up with, or travel with, or at least text with and facebook with on a daily bases.

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