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Tuesday Night Drive

Tuesday night we went to Landry’s Seafood Restaurant in Branson.  We got there in time for happy hour so Ron had a beer and I had a gold margarita and we shared three appetizers: crab balls, onion strings, calamari and spinach, artichoke & crab dip w/tortilla chips.  And me without my camera ~ take it from me it was pretty tasty and was only $26 for the drinks, food and tip so not too bad. 

And then we went for a drive ~ looking for gas stations/restaurants that have those motel coupon books (looking for ways to advertise Branson View Campground.  Didn’t find any but what  a nice drive. 

First I commented to Ron that wasn’t the sun beautiful and that’s all it took and Ron was off to find the spot.  And we found it, it was a dead end into someone’s driveway so I took a quick pic:

The sun going down on the horizon.  This was taken through two trees in someone’s yard that we pulled into that we thought was a road 🙂

As Ron was driving I was looking/reading signs and saw this sign for Sycamore Log Church and that sounded interesting.  So off we turned and drove down just over 2 1/2 miles and this is what we found:

Sycamore Log Church ~ built in the late 1920’s by the community and the Jones’ family.

Little picnic area across from the church.

Other than the electric meter and lights it is just as it was built all those years ago.

Another view of the front of the church.

Not a very clear picture but it was made as a memorial to the founding family and there is pencil drawing also in the plaque.

We couldn’t figure out how to turn the lights on so we were pleasantly surprised what pictures we got with the flash.  The pulpit was made from a tree stump that was cut down in 1933.

A stove to heat the building.

The piano with lots of flowers.

Looking from the pulpit out the door.

Another view of the front of the church.

And this was taken standing at the door looking in.  Was pleasantly surprised with all the colors!

And then we continued on our drive, having no idea where we would end up and we both laughed when Ron said “I hope it doesn’t dead end somewhere:)”

The road narrowed to less than one lane and just as we started under the tressel a car came roaring up so Ron backed up so she could get through!  So glad she didn’t hit us head on.

Beautiful view!

Coming up on another corner.

Looking down over a creek bed.

Looking the other direction.

A peaceful place to sit and relax.

Told each other this is definitely a place we would like to come back and walk/hike around ~ now only if we can find it again.

Looking over a meadow and the horizon.  Such beautiful colors.

One of many large homes we drove past.

This is looking at the campground from the business across the street.  Ron has worked hard getting all those lights to be working ~ and many guests have commented how nice it looks especially in the late evenings.
And that was our night ~ sure hope you enjoyed traveling along with us.

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