Just Rambling ~ Part 2!

If you have not read Just Rambling – scroll down to read the first half of this post ~ thanks 🙂

We have been ~~~

~ working as managers here at Branson View Campground (you can like us on Facebook – it is the one with the picture of the look out area) for just over six weeks.  We have met many new people.  Since we started here we have had two events.  First was a Bluegrass Music Concert & Potluck where we enjoyed lots of great food and great music.  Our second event was our Father’s Day BBQ & Potluck where we enjoyed lots of great food including strawberry rhubarb pie (YUMMY) and 3 hours of conversation.  We will be planning something for July in the next week or so.

We have 40 RV sites, one tent site and one cabin for rent.  If you are coming to the Branson area we would love to connect with you.  Give us a shout out and lets make some plans.

~ we enjoyed visiting with Ron’s cousin’s Sharon & Jim and Karen & Lee while they were here on vacation.  It was fun to see family pictures, laugh and tell stories and give/get lots of hugs.  So fun to be with family. 

~ hurting and praying for so many friends.  Two of our friends have lost a baby.  One baby, Trek passed away at the tender age of 18 months after being diagnosed Niemann Pick Type A in January 2012.  You can read his story and about his family and how they loved on him each and every day of his life by clicking on his name above.  Another baby tragically drowned last Saturday in Australia where his family live and travel.  Elijah was only 7 months old.  And then we join our friend Sheila as she mourns the loss of her hubby.  They were married for over 40 years when Larry was diagnosed with cancer.  Sheila and Larry are full time RV’rs and we met them first via the Women’s RV Forum that I belong too and then we met in person once in Salt Lake City in 11/09 and then again in February 2011 while we were on our way to Texas. 

~ and then yesterday I found out my Aunt Joan is battling Mantle Cell Lymphoma.  She is currently being tested to find the best treatment options.  Many of you know my aunt is my mom’s sister and we are very close.  She has always been there for me and a major part of my life.  I remember she came to Las Vegas to be at our wedding (December 1975) and then brought my Grandpa to WA state to see us when we were stationed at McChord AFB (Summer 1980) and in summer of 2009 she came to see us for just a few hours before heading back to CA to pick up Uncle Don from a trip to Alaska.  Aunt Joan & Uncle Don have loved on us, hosted us numerous times at Noyes Ranch, treated us to some wonderful meals and fun times with our family.  Each of us have fond memories of being at the ranch, riding the ATV’s and one major wreck (Jamie & Brandon) and many stories, laughter, and visits. 

And so I ask that when you think of me or Ron, to please say a prayer for one or all of our friends and my aunt for God’s healing and comfort during the trials they are each facing. 


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