We’ve Been Busy

Hi Everyone!  Thought y’all might be wondering what we have been up to since we landed in Branson, Missouri ~~~  so let me share with you!!
We came to Branson, MO for a part-time Assistant Manager job at Branson View Campground.  Well actually the job was for Ali.  Ron said he would look for work once we were settled.  With Silver Dollar City just 4 1/2 miles from the park and with Ron’s experience from working with Funtastic Shows we did not think he would have a problem finding a job.  

This was taken on our first day when we arrived on April 15, 2012.  I need to take a new picture now that we have beautiful sunny days and not through the window of the motor home 🙂
 So began my short stint as Assistant Manager.  I was the Assistant Manager for all of three weeks.  Because you see, Carol & Kevin decided to accept a job in North Dakota at a campground that was just 50 miles from her family.  So we applied for the Manager position and got the job 🙂  God is so good and we are so thankful for the many doors/opportunities that he provided for us after leaving Hondo, TX.  And so on Sunday, May 6th we started as the Managers of Branson View Campground.  We each work 40 hours a week with fluctuating days off, split shifts and creative scheduling.

And this is a glimpse at what we have been doing ~~
Ali has tackled the office cupboards, shelves and updating of a couple of signs.
On the left is the BEFORE of what the sink looked like.  On the right is the AFTER it has been cleaned & organized.
The copier & sink are right next to each other.  The picture on the left is the BEFORE and the right is AFTER it was cleaned and organized.  All the loose plastic ware has been sorted and bagged.  There are two bags of spoons & knives and five bags of forks!!  Lots of SweetnLow, small paper plates, coffee stirrers, and some plastic wine glasses and paper cups.
No BEFORE pictures, oops forgot.  The picture to the bottom left is under where the computer sits; the bottom right is the part of the counter where guests are served and the top picture is the long cabinet which is used for work space.
This is the drawer closest to the wall above the cupboard pictured on the bottom left above.  On the left is the BEFORE and the right is the AFTER of the newly organized drawer.
  Still have three more drawers to clean & organize.  Will post those pictures at a later date.
Here are the two signs that were updated today.  The one on the left is where we will be posting upcoming events.  The one on the right is where  guests who arrive after the office is closed can pick up their registration packet along with a map showing where their campsite is.  Also listed are the open sites for those guests who pull in without a reservation.  The registration packets go in the clear holder.

All my time has not been spent in the office.  There are lots of things for me to do outside of the office.  One of those other duties is cleaning the 4 bathrooms/showers each day.  Definitely not one of my favorite jobs.

We also have a Cabin that is available for rent.  I have been working at making it a little more comfy.  It’s not totally done but this is how it is looking now.  We are looking forward to adding a few more things in the next week or two. I see a trip to the Dollar Tree in my near future 🙂
So all our friends and family can come and visit us here in Branson as we have a cabin you can rent while you are visiting Branson and US!!!  Call soon to reserve your date!!!
Upper left is the front porch.  Upper right is the bed area ~ we have added some bedding & pillows, directly across from the bed is a nice TV for watching from the bed or the couch.  Lower left is the dining table and the TV.  Behind the wall to the right of the TV is a small closet.  Bottom right is the cupboard next to the sink.  We have added a coffee pot (with coffee & filters), two coffee cups, a toaster and stocked some extra paper towels.  We have silverware also in the cabin; will be getting some plates, serving bowls and glasses in the next week.
This is one of many projects that Ron has been working on – the row of trees is the divider between Highway 265 and the top road of the campground.  Ron trimmed all the trees along that road and now it is nice and clear under the trees.  Makes lawn  mowing so much easier.  He had 3 loads (trailer & mule cart) of branches and cuttings that he hauled away.                  Doesn’t it look sharp???
Here is Ron making new stands to hold the solar cover for the pool.  The other stand had rotted away and fell apart.  
 Doesn’t he look cute in his doo rag?  He wore one when working for the carnival and now wears them to keep the sweat from running into his eyes.  And yes he is wearing his sun glasses inside the garage ~ he knocked his regular glasses off while working yesterday and the frames broke.  Went to Wal-mart but they didn’t have frames to fit his lenses so tomorrow he is off to get an eye exam and order new glasses.  
As THEY say, if it’s not one thing it’s another.  We are just thankful that we have jobs and can pay for an exam and new glasses.  Again, God is faithful and supplies all our needs 🙂
Hope you have enjoyed seeing a little of what we have been doing.

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