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A Beautiful Day!!

NOTE: This is also being posted in The Wandering Workentins so I apologize if you have already read this.  If not, enjoy!!!

What a beautiful day the Lord gave us today!!!

I began my day having coffee and “chatting” with my friend Mary L.  Even though we are thousands of miles apart and have a two hour time difference we were able to have our coffee and chat for over an hour.  The internet is wonderful at times and today I am thankful for having it.  Looking forward to our next coffee time 🙂

Then I was able to Skype with Stacey L.  She had her coffee and I had mine.  We talked about our kids ~ the joys and frustrations, what we had planned for the day.  So fun to catch up with her.  Need to make sure to do that more often 🙂

And then Ron came home from some training time with K here at Branson View Campground.  I have more training tomorrow with C and we both have a little bit of training on Saturday afternoon before things are turned over to us late Saturday afternoon.  K & C are planning to leave early Sunday morning to start their new adventure traveling to North Dakota and starting a new job there.  We wish them a fun and exciting journey and are happy for them that they will be closer to family.

After catching up on a few things here in the motor home we decided it was play time.  First stop was the Grand Country to see if we could get tickets for New South: Gospel Show.  And we were successful.  The show starts at 3:00 and since it was noon time we decided to use our Applebees gift cards for lunch (thanks Brandon, Danalyn & boys for the gift).  We then walked around an antique/craft mall.  From the outside it does not look very big but let me tell you it is huge.  We walked around for almost 2 hours in there.  And we gathered lots of ideas for birthday & Christmas gifts.  We will definitely be going back there.

And then it was off to the New South Gospel Show.  What a blessing: old hymns were sung, choruses that we had never heard, sharing of the gospel by the performers and ending with an old fashioned sing along (think Gaither Family show).  It was a great show and we were truly blessed and the best blessing of all it was Free!!!  Ron & I have been gifted with season passes for all the shows at Grand Country.  By being able to attend the shows we can recommend them to our guests at Branson View Campground.  Works for all of us.  And tomorrow we are going to the Morning Show at Grand Country 🙂

After enjoying the show we went across the street to Outback Steakhouse & Oyster Bar  for their half price appetizers.  What a fun restaurant (not connected to the Outback Steakhouse chain).  Ron started with a Black & Tan beer and I had a Koala Kicker ~ yummy!!!  We then had cheesy potato skins and BBQ wings w/celery and ranch dressing and again we were not disappointed.  We had three different waiters and were they delightful to chat with.  While paying our bill, Vince came by our table and gave us discount cards to use for future visits.  They like to give those cards to the locals and since we will be living/working here we get them!!  Another blessing from the Lord!!

We then returned home with full tummy’s and happy hearts!!!  Thank you Lord for your many blessings!!

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