Wandering to Branson, MO ~ Part 1

Life is so fun when you let the Lord lead you and you pay attention.  Wednesday afternoon was offered the Part-time Assistant Manager position at a campground in Branson, MO.  So thankful for the networking of writing blogs, being a full-timer in an RV and trusting the Lord when our world gets turned topsy~turvy and seeing Him answer prayer!

So Thursday morning we were up early and off to Hondo to run some errands, take care of some business, be blessed with a visit with a special friend from Hondo First Baptist Church and of course the mandatory stop at Wally World before heading back up to Medina Lake Thousand Trails to load the rig and get on the road for our newest adventure.

And we were off to Lake Whitney Thousand Trails in Whitney, TX for two nights – one day of sight seeing, resting and getting a little more organized and tomorrow we will be off again, heading for Oklahoma.  Hope you enjoy the pictures from the last two days.

Can’t seem to add any more to this blog post so will go to Part 2 now.

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