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Today is Monday

Thought I would try  to do a little update on our doings today.

I was up early and got busy on some paperwork that needed to be done.  Around 11:00 this morning we got a phone call from Diana (Assistant Manager at the LSC) that the case of wine we ordered/bought while in Nehalem, OR had arrived today.  Ron told her we would be down shortly.  So we got ready to go and made our way down to Hondo via Pipe Creek and Bandera.

Stopped in Pipe Creek to see if our mail had arrived.  Yea!  Thanks to Dee for sending it out so quick.  Inside was my new drivers license (remember all the crap I had to go through to get it) but no more worries, it has arrived and tucked safely in my wallet where it belongs.  We then drove through Bandera and down to Hondo.

First stop in Hondo was the Texas Workforce Center.  Had to check out a few things and found out we need to contact a lawyer (job for tomorrow) about some questions that we have.  Was encouraged by speaking to the two ladies in the office.  Then we were off to LSC and picked up our box of wine ~ definitely will be having a glass this evening!

We then headed east towards San Antonio to see if we could find where one of couple friends that we made while at the LSC are working as gate guards.  No such luck, so we turned Maggie (the gps) on and told her to take us back to Medina Lake Thousand Trails the shortest direction.  It was about 3:00 p.m.  Our ETA was 3:50 p.m.  Well we meandered and then needed to find a potty (you know how that goes) and so we headed toward Mico and found a port-a-potty, that had been cleaned earlier today!!!  and so took a few turns out of the way and then decided to drive to Medina Lake and see it from a different direction.  So amazing to see the water down so low.  And me without the camera ~ do need to remember to put it in the Jeep when we decide to drive somewhere.  Saw homes that used to be on waterfront property but not any more.  More like being on a cliff looking down on a river/creek.

We finally got headed back to the park, arriving at 4:30 p.m.  Decided to make dinner (already had meatballs and red sauce in the crock pot) so I made some fettuccine and had a delightful dinner with my sweet hubby.

And now hubby is watching Ax Men and I am getting ready to read a few of the blogs I follow. 

Wishing each of you a great evening.  Talk to you again soon.

2 responses to “Today is Monday”

  1. Hey Ali, thanks for stopping by and saying \”Hi\”..if you do come east and work at Amazon..perhaps you may wander into Florida..Love to meet up with ya come next winter…Keeping you both in my prayers..God Bless Zeee and Critters 3

  2. I always try to leave my camera in the truck except when downloading pictures. Never know when a great shot is right around the corner.Still thinking of you and knowing all will work to your benefit.

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