Hanging at Sea Tac Airport

I am sitting on the floor at Sea Tac Airport close to our gate, N14, found one plug in to charge my computer on.  So not like Houston that has multiple charging stations all along the concourses.

We have had nine wonderful days with family and friends – will be posting more specific blog posts on here and at “The Wandering Workentins” in the next week.

As we were driving here we saw lots of darkness ~ we left at 5:48 a.m. from Molalla, OR.  Left a note for the grands as to why we did not wake them up (they were sleeping when we kissed them good-bye) and then gave Brandon a big hug and even got a few spoken words from him 🙂 and a kiss and mumbled byes from Danalyn.  So glad to have had time with them this week and to reconnect with them and the boys.  (pictures to come)

Last Tuesday stopped to see Christie & Todd at Erickson Labs Northwest for a Spit & Polish ~ actually a good cleaning of my artificial eye and boy did it feel wonderful when Christie slipped it back in.  Before leaving Blaine Tuesday morning we had a nice breakfast with Jamie, Suzanne & Opal and then made a stop at the DMV and got my much needed drivers license.  One of the hassles of having only one eye is that now they need a form from the doctor saying yes I can drive ~ give me a break – I have been driving for almost 40 years.  Enough whining – I got the dang license and am good for five more years.

We arrived in Seattle late Friday, 3/23, spent the night with friends Sam & Janna Dyck (we house shared over 30 years ago!!!) So fun to get to reconnect, laugh and enjoy each others company.  Thanks Sam for staying up till 4:15 a.m. even though you had to be at work at 7:00 a.m.  Next stop was IHOP in Everett where we had breakfast with Heather Loggains and her girls: Montana & Berkley.  Wow have those girls grown!!  Thanks for making the effort to connect with us.

We then made our way to Blaine with a stop at Pacific Builders to pick up Ron’s Christmas gift.  Used the pretense to wish Stephanie congrats on the new arrival coming to their home soon.

Kimberly made this with a picture of our motor home.  Ron was so surprised.  If you are interested in one then give Kimberly a call at Pacific Building Center (click on the link above).  I will take more pictures once we get it set up at home.  Going to use it as a night light in the motor home.

Then onto Birch Bay: stopped at The C Shop to say to Patrick & Patricia, Keith & Saara and the gang.  Lots of chocolate bunnies hanging around that shop.  If you want a special treat for this Easter check them out and tell them Alice & Ron sent you.

And then to the Lang Hotel, hosted by Jim & Mary Lang.  So good to spend time with them, have a sweet place to rest our head, get lots of visiting in and a home base to run around and see so many friends & family.  Was super excited to see Jamie, Suzanne & Opal along with lots of friends throughout our time in Blaine.

Well the computer is fully charged so now I can get up off the floor, at least I hope so.  Will write more later and show off lots more pictures.

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  1. That's a very nice Christmas gift! The Wandering Workentins have been wandering all over Washington and Oregon and now are wandering back to Texas!

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