Pictures of Different Happenings

Hi All

Thought I would do some catching up with some pictures.  Sure hope you enjoy them.

First up was the graduation of our niece, Miriam Workentin from the US Air Force Basic Training.  We were blessed with being able to spend time with Ron’s brother John, his lovely wife Fawn and beautiful Miriam.  We are happy to say that Miriam graduated in the top 10% of her class and with honors.  We are so proud of her.

Yesterday we went for a drive to Crystal City with a stop in Uvalde to have lunch with our good friends, Jerry & Lynda Clemons who were celebrating their anniversary.  It was so fun to sit and catch up with them, share some prayer requests and just be together, and me of course, forgot to get any pictures 🙂

We would have loved to have gotten some pictures of the blue bonnets that are in bloom but only saw them along the highway and it was too crazy on the road to stop and take pictures.  Hopefully we will get some this week.

Hope you have enjoyed catching up with us through our camera lens.

1 thought on “Pictures of Different Happenings”

  1. You have had lots of \”happenings\”, Ali and Ron. Congratulations to Miriam and a big thanks to her for choosing to serve our country!

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