Puzzling – what do you think?

OK..I sent the following email out to the Lone Star Corral yahoo group – and then I have gotten comments that say this doesn’t make sense.  Does it make sense to you??

Dear Lone Star Corral Members

I sent out an email today to ALL current LSC Members and received 15 back due to wrong or invalid email addresses. 

IF you are a CURRENT LSC member and did not receive an email from info@lonestarcorral.com today, January 16th please send me an email at info@lonestarcorral.com so that I can have your correct email address.

IF you are not sure that the LSC office has your current email address send an email so I can verify.

Thank you, Ali

So what do you think?  Does it make sense?

Let me say it this way…I sent out an email to the individual members of the Lone Star Corral from the LSC Office email account and then got 15 emails saying they were not deliverable – meaning for one reason or another the email did not go through.  So  then I went to my private email and sent an email to the Yahoo group for the LSC members (that email does not go to individuals but to the Yahoo group).  My question was if the LSC member did not get an email from me via the office email address to please let me know…is this so hard to understand?

I am puzzled.  I thought my email was pretty clear – maybe not.  Thanks for any feedback – Ali

3 thoughts on “Puzzling – what do you think?”

  1. Ali — hi, not part of LSC, but this is the only way I have to contact you. Thanks for your comment on Our Life on Wheels! You say you wish you had insurance so you could follow my lead. This particular surgery is not supported by insurance. However, if you have Medicare (don't know you or your age, so I'm just shooting in the dark here), that will cover two related surgeries — the gastric bypass and the lap band. If you want, you can email me at jerry dot suzy at yahoo dot com. Suzy

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