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Nothin’ Much Happening Here

Thought I would just write  a bit to let y’all know we are alive and well, just working and hanging out and just kind being.

Since I last wrote we have been working – and it has been busy here at The Lone Star Corral.  Over Christmas and New Year’s holidays the park has been full.  We have the First In/First Out rule…when the park gets full (all rental lots are full) we then have to bump the guest that has been here the longest.  We came close…the park was full and we had a guest come in and no sites open.  So off to boondock they went and we went and told the couple who has been here since the early part of October that they would have to move.  I thought it was 48 hours they had to move but really it is 24 – need to read up on those darn rules again 🙂  

Anyway, the day came for them to move and just before they were going to move a guest left opening up a site..yeah the first people in didn’t have to move and the last person in got a site.  Hopefully we won’t get that close to moving guests around again – it is such an uncomfortable position to be in to tell some one they have to leave because someone else wants to come in…but that is the rules and we are here to enforce the rules.
It has been pretty busy in the office for the past couple of weeks and it doesn’t look like it is going to let up any time soon and that is fine with me.  I like busy days.  And no two days here are ever the same.  I have been working on all the end of year reports and finding out interesting things like Ron and I average doing three loads of laundry a week.  Some weeks we do two loads, some three and like this week we did six loads!!  Guess that’s what happens when you don’t do laundry for three weeks.  That and finding little mouse droppings…in a few places 😦  so lots of cleaning went on today and decon got put out and the little emitters were plugged in in a couple of places instead of just one.

And we are dealing with cold weather in the late nights/early mornings.  It has been so cold that this morning our water hose was frozen this morning.  And it was cold in this rig we call home.  Down to 52…so guess who jumped out of bed, scurried to the living room and turned on the furnace and back into the bedroom and turned on the back furnace and then crawled back into bed for about an hour to let the motor home warm up – got it up to 71′ in just over an hour.  And I spent that hour reading and relaxing – just what you are supposed to do on a day off – right?

We have been playing bingo on Friday nights here at the clubhouse.  And this week was a good week for me.  It cost either $3 or $4 for your cards, depending on how many you play.  I won two games at $8 each game so we came out ahead – now that makes for a fun night.  There is always lots of chatter and laughter going on during those bingo games. 

As I mentioned earlier I did laundry today and Ron worked on the water pump in the motor home.  It quit working so after some detective work he found out a wire and come undone some how…not sure what he had to do but whatever he did we now have water without having to use city water if necessary…like when it is supposed to get down to below freezing and the water hose freezes.    We also did some major cleaning  in the rig, cleaned out one cupboard, two drawers and worked on our plans to do some remodeling in the dining area.  And also just some regular cleaning.    One of those things that needs to happen whether you live in a sticks & bricks house or a house on wheels..regular cleaning needs to happen.

We also have been working on some vacation plans.  We are going to be flying to Seattle on March 23rd and heading to Blaine on Saturday, March 24 – hoping for lots of time with Jamie, Suzanne and Opal…Ron is worried she won’t remember us, then to Northwood Alliance Church on Sunday where we will get in lots of visiting and sharing  a potluck meal.  Also planning a family gathering, just not sure when that will happen, a coffee date with my bestie, Dee and then later with others.  And more visiting on Sunday evening and Monday.  Tuesday, 3/27 we will make our way to Oregon with a stop at Northwest Labs to see Christie & Todd my ocularists – the ole eye needs a polishing job and I a check-up.  Then off to Oregon to spend some days with Brandon and Danalyn and the boys before driving back to Seattle on Sunday, April 1st (am trying to come up with an April Fool’s joke – don’t know if I can top last years:) to catch a flight back to San Antonio to start our second year here at the Lone Star Corral.  If you are reading this and want to see us while we are back in the Blaine area give me a shout out so we can see if we can make it happen.

So in a nutshell that’s about all that is going on with us.  Hope you are all having a good weekend.

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  1. Thanks for the update, Ali. That \”First in, first out\” rule seems very strange to me. I've never heard of a park that has that kind of system.

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