Christmas Eve 2011 at The Lone Star Corral

Christmas this year was a little different for us in that we weren’t attending worship services with our Northwood Family or spending the evening with our children or grandchildren but that does not mean we didn’t have a great evening.  We joined our new Lone Star Corral family for Christmas Eve Festivities. 
Here are some pictures of the clubhouse all decorated for Christmas:

The large Christmas tree.
The Christmas Village
This Christmas tree has an ornament from person/couple who has owned a lot here at the LSC.
Snowman standing guard over the whole room.
And for our Jewish friends the Menorah is set and table decorated for Hanakkah.
Our MC for the evening was Kay, Treasurer of the Blue Bonnets here at the LSC.  You can read her view of the evening by clicking on her name.

Kay reading a Christmas story to the LSC family.
 We began the evening singing Christmas Carols led by Ruth & Don K.  They did a great job and at one point I led the group doing the hand motions to Away in a Manger while Ruth & Don led the singers.  
Ruth K. leading us in song.  Mike L is chatting with his wife.
Ruth & Don leading us in song.  They did a great job!!

 And then came time for presents.  The way it worked was everyone who put a gift in the gift exchange received a ticket.  The first person whose ticket was chosen picked a gift from all the wrapped gifts.  That person then drew another ticket.  The 2nd person then either got to choose from the unwrapped gift (stealing it) or choosing one from the table.  And so on, and so on.  At first people were being nice and not stealing gifts but little ole’ me got the ball rolling by stealing a stocking that had a Santa shelf sitter and some lottery tickets inside.  A little later it got stolen from me again and so I stole a beautiful candle and so I stole the stocking, Santa shelf sitter and the lotto tickets back – and after the gift has been stolen 3x it is that person’s so guess what ~ I got to keep my stocking, Santa shelf sitter and lottery tickets and one of those won $1!!  I must say after I got the ball rolling there was lots of stealing going on – the most popular gifts were the many bottles of wine and packages of lotto tickets.  Everyone had a great time!!
Faye not wasting any time opening her gift.
Sandra M. stealing a gift (M&M’s and some lottery tickets), which were later stolen from her.
My lotto tickets, shelf sitter and stocking!
 And of course there was lots of food.  Each couple/person was asked to bring a finger food and boy was there lots on the table: meatballs, sandwiches, vegi’s and dip, and of course multitude of cookies!!

And Santa himself!! was in attendance.
Ron aka Santa and Ali aka Mrs. Santa!
So glad to be able to spend the evening with about 65 of our closest friends here at The LSC.

One response to “Christmas Eve 2011 at The Lone Star Corral”

  1. What a great pic of Mr and Mrs Santa! LOL … your gift stealing sounded like a fun night of frivolity!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Karen and Steve(Our Blog) RVing: Small House… BIG Backyard

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