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Christmas Day 2011

After a late night on Christmas Eve waiting for hubby to go to bed so I could put his gift under the tree ~ he didn’t go to bed till after 1:00 a.m.!!!  Doesn’t he know that Santa doesn’t come till everyone has gone to bed.Finally into bed and sleep we did ~ 
slept till almost 10 a.m. and so we decided not to go to church.  I made a breakfast of scrambled eggs w/cheese ~ definitely need to do that more often.  And then Ron saw his gift under the tree ~~~ you see, he has said over and over that he wanted a new rifle so I bought him one.  Well not  a real one, it is like fire starter/clicker.  The only bad thing is that the darn thing doesn’t work ~ so now we will be planning a trip to Beall’s to return it.  That will happen later this week.  But in the meantime this is what it looks like.
Ron and his new rifle.
Checking out the scope
Ron and his new Rifle
And then we took our tableware and silverware over to the clubhouse.   We visited for awhile and then headed back to the motor home to change and get ready for dinner.  We made our way back to the clubhouse about 1:30 p.m. ~ dinner was being served at 2:00 pm.  And what a wonderful dinner!!
Our table all ready for us to enjoy Christmas Dinner.
Margaret collecting $$ from Sue S.  Dinner cost us $5 per person…not bad for all you can eat of ham, scalloped potatoes, cole slaw, rolls & butter,  and peas & onions.  Topped off with peppermint ice cream.
Thank you Ruth, Don and the rest of your dinner committee members for all the hard work in giving all of our 110 closest friends at the LSC for a delightful Christmas dinner.
1. Kitchen Crew  2. Armando & his parents  3.  Max & Jerry  4.A view of the clubhouse 5. Euona (one of my adopted momma’s here at the LSC)  6. Another view of the tables.
1.  Santa (I just love the guy!!)  2.  The peppermint ice cream   3. Marie, Larry & Louise at our table  4.  Jane L.   5.  Us from the night before – I really like this picture of us and 6.  Kay, Larry & Marie, another view from our table.
Our best gifts were talking with Jamie and Brandon and all our grands!  And just before we headed off to bed we got to Skype with Max, Christopher and Treyson thanks to their Grandma Lynda and Pop Pop Dan.  Definitely a great way to end our day!!!

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