Today has been filled with lots of blessings.  You can read all about my birthday over at Alice’s Restaurant – definitely a day of blessings.
And we have been working with the Board of Director’s about a new contract for the 2012-13 year.   And today an agreement was reached.  We have been offered a new contract and it has been signed.  We will be here at the Alamo Area SKP Co-op, aka The Lone Star Corral.    We will now be here in Texas till May 2013.  

We want to use this time to set some short and long term goals, see more of Texas and do some remodeling of our rig.  We have 3 projects that we would like to get accomplished: 1) is building bookshelves above the nightstands in our bedroom 2) take out the bench & dinette and build a three-section cabinet: the far right side will be two file size drawers, the middle section will be a drawer on the bottom with a bookshelf above the drawer to hold my cookbooks (they are now in a cupboard above the couch) and 3) paint the cabinet above the driver & passenger seats…right now it is raw wood.

And of course, the ongoing cleaning out and purging of stuff that we no longer need or use.

So here is an open invitation ~ if you ever make your way to the San Antonio, TX area give us a shout out.  We would love to meet up with old and new friends, share a meal and hugs and lots of laughter.

One response to “Celebrations”

  1. Ali, Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. I hope to get back to reading all of your blogs soon, and I will update when they do find out what is going on with my health.We loved meeting you folks, and wish for only the best in your future.Again, thanks. Pidge

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