Where Have I Been???

Wow it’s been a month since I posted on here…I bet some of you are wondering where I have been.  Well let’s see….

…. we took 2 1/2 days off 11/9 – to 11 and went Garner State Park and Lost Maples State Park all about an hour or so from here.  What a peaceful time we had.  No internet, no cell phone service.  Just quiet.  We never even hooked up the television set.  We read, went for a couple of walks, took a drive to Leakey, TX and went to a few antique shops.

… and then we worked the weekend of 11/12 & 13.  That Saturday was the Annual Flea Market here in the park.  WOW what a lot of stuff people had to sell.  I bought  few cross-stitch kits and lots of earrings and a necklace handmade by Bonnie, the VP.  I just love her jewelry.  If you want some nice dangly type earrings they are $5 a pair…let me know what color and I will pick them up and send them onto you.  She uses the most beautiful stones and even has special holiday ones too.  The evening of the 12th we went to a fundraiser in D’Hanis where they had bands playing, a huge raffle and live auction.  The fundraiser was for a local man who is facing some major health issues.  Heard they had raised over $10,000 for him.  And the best part was I won two of the raffle items: a bottle of red wine in a basket and a $24 gift certificate for the Buckhorn Saloon Restaurant & Bar.  We will be going there sometime in December.

… and then on 11/14 we picked up Dee from the airport.  Dee came for a week’s visit as a gift to her and I for our birthday’s from Ron.  We had a ton of fun, ate way too much, gabbed a lot, and then played tourist for two days.  Saturday we went to Christmas in God’s Country in Hondo, then to a fiddler show and potluck here at the park and then back into Hondo for the lighted Christmas parade.  It was a fun, fun day.  On Sunday we went into San Antonio – went to the Golden Corral for breakfast then off to the Alamo and then to the Riverwalk where we road the boat for tour and then walked around for quite awhile and then we headed to the Buckhorn Saloon in San Antonio – what a beautiful museum.  They have a huge western museum with a room about Bonnie & Clyde, lots of exotic animals, a fun house and the Texas Rangers museum.   And then we returned to the motor home for light dinner of salad.  Oh and we had a Daily’s one evening…I got another friend hooked on them 🙂

And then before we knew it it was time to take her back to the airport and send her back to Blaine.  But first we had to stop at Heavy’s for BBQ for lunch together.  After lots of hugs and some tears I waved her through security so she could return to her family.  

And then back to work on Tuesday for us.  And that brings us to Thanksgiving Day.  We shared a meal in the clubhouse.  We hosted our table.  We were eleven people: Jack & Liz, Jane & Jerry, Kay & Bill, Mike & Elaine, Bill C and Ron & I.  We had so much food and great company.  After sharing the meal and visiting for a few hours we all headed back to our rigs for a good ole afternoon nap.  (That’s what Ron is doing right now).

Tomorrow I am venturing out at 5:45 a.m. w/Bonnie and Rose to go to Beall’s (kinda like JC Penney’s)  they have Sketchers on sale for $29.99 regularly $120 – hopefully they will have a pair in my size.  And after a whirlwind shopping trip we will go to McDonalds for a quick breakfast before I head to the office and Bonnie & Rose do what ever they do – they are the retired ones of the bunch 🙂

So that’s what I’ve been up to!!  Hope y’all have had a nice Thanksgiving Day with family or friends.  I know we did.

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